Monday, October 9, 2017

A New Life Has Begun

Day 9 of this journey and feeling strong. Benefits so far:

1. Feeling alive each morning
2. Less anxiety overall
3. More internal peace
4. Sense of accomplishment
5. Better, more consistent sleep
6. Clearer mental focus
7. I'm exercising more
8. Clearer skin
9. Hard to describe it, but there's a more visible light in my eyes
10. Deepened relationship with a friend
11. Ability to handle a crisis with another friend
12. Finding out that I can both have fun and be funny without the crutch

1. More headaches (should diminish as time goes on)
2. Feeling desperate at times and not able to find immediate relief. I find that if I can exercise, I feel much better eventually.

That's really it. I can't say there are more drawbacks.

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