Sunday, July 9, 2017

2017 Mid-Year Reflection

Ultimate purpose:
To love God with my heart, mind, and soul, and to share His love using the gifts and abilities He has given me.

3-5 Year Objectives:
1. Be healthy in mind, body, and soul
2. Share God's love with others
3. Contribute to the field of continuous improvement

Annual Goals and Activities:
1.1 Care for my mind:
      1.1.1 Attend >/= 12 counseling sessions. Status: △ - 5/12 sessions completed.
      1.1.2 Post weekly goals in A Running Tally. Status: X - 12/24 posts
      1.1.3 Post quarterly 2017 goal progress update in A Running Tally. Status: O - 2/4 posts.
      1.1.4 Keep a log of when I go outside my comfort zone and the results UPDATE 1/22: This has                    been going well, so adding a metric for Q1 of a total of 107 entries, then re-evaluate at Q1                    reflection. Status: X - 47 out of 107 entries. Action plan: Post a reminder with quotes

1.2 Care for my body:
      1.2.1 Personal goal #1. Result: X - 18 times. Yikes. Action plan:
               a. Increased counseling sessions in February to 2x month. Result: ~20% decline in incidents.
               b. Incorporate weekly detox days. Result: O - 50% decline in incidents!
               c. When traveling, plan a treat meal at the end. Result: Doing b. has enabled this.
               e. Listen to 2 podcasts per month related to topic. Result: Removing goal, not important.
      1.2.2 Personal goal #2. Result: X - Gave up this goal.
      1.2.3 Strength training and/or yoga 2x per week. Result: X - Removing this goal.
      1.2.4 Track my daily nutritional intake. Result: X - about 50%. Gave up this goal, but found a new one.
      1.2.5 Detox 1-2 days per week. Result: O.  Average 1 day per week, occasionally 2. This has been a huge benefit.

1.3 Care for my soul.
      1.3.1 Write verse and thoughts in journal each day. Result: X - about 50%.
      1.3.2 Attend church >/= 40 times. Result: △ - 7 times.
      1.3.3 Read the following 3 books:
               a. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Result: X - 1 chapter. Removing goal in lieu of weekly Bible study.
               b. Confessions by St. Augustine
               c. The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton Removed 1/22
      1.3.4 Attend 2 semesters of small group study - Result: △ have attended about 5 sessions. Enjoying getting to know folks.

2.1 Complete and publish book
      2.1.1 Publish book 100% on by June. Result: X - still only 10/30 chapters done.
      2.1.2 Improve book with feedback. Result: X - only 10 chapters done.
      2.1.3 Publish book on Amazon via CreateSpace by October. Result: TBD.

2.2 Become foster parents.  Sadly, for reasons we disagree with, we were not approved.
      2.2.1 Obtain foster parent certification. Remaining items:
               a. Fire inspection. Result: O - Done.
               b. Cats rabies shots. Result: O - Done.
               c. Physicals. Result: O - Done
               d. CPR / bloodborne pathogens training. Status: O - Done
      2.2.2 Provide respite care for children. Status: Did not work out. I'm at peace with this, though.

2.3 Love my family and friends
      2.3.1 Give a card and/or gift for the birthdays of 36 people. Status: O - 10/35 cards done and sent.
      2.3.2 Spend time with family >/= 25 times, possibly including: Status: △ - 4/25 visits. Action Plan: Initiate more visits instead of letting others do that.
               a. Trip to see my college with my sister. Status: O - Done - great time!
               b. Play in Feb with my dad and nephew. Status: O - done.
               c. CO vacation with Shane's family - Planned.
               d. CO vacation with my family - Planned.
               e. Oct wedding in Maine. - Planned
               f. Thanksgiving with my family
               g. Christmas with Shane's family
               h. 4th of July at my house - Status - planned.
               i. (new) 3 day vacation with Shane at the beach - planned.
      2.3.3 Continue to provide love and support to my younger sister
               a. College trip. Status: O - Done! Had a great time.
               b. Summer visit. Status: TBD
               c. Answer her calls whenever I can. Status: O - All calls (about 4-5) immediately answered or returned ASAP.
               d. Reach out to her daily. Status: X - About 50-60%. Action plan - post reminder in journal.
               e. Care packages / letters. Status: O - two letters and 2 care packages.

3.1 Develop knowledge of continuous improvement (CI)
      3.1.1 Listen to >/= 100 podcasts (i.e. Kainexus and Gemba Academy). Status: O - 29/100.
      3.1.2 Read >/= 7 books, including:
               a. Toyota Kata. Status -  Status: 30% done.
               b. Beyond Strategic Vision. Status: 50% done.
               c. Creating a Kaizen Culture. Status: Not ordered.
               d. Creating a Lean Culture. Status: 75% done.
               e. The Power of Habit. Status: Not ordered.
               f. Lean Six Sigma for Service. Status: Not ordered.
               g. The Four Hour Work Week. Status: Remove
               h.  (New) The Lean Guide to Leadership
               i.   (New) Gemba Walks
      3.1.3 Write 5 blog posts about CI (inc. reviews of the above books). Result:  △ - 2/5 done.
      3.1.5 Attend a lean/CI conference if I have the opportunity. Status: O - still on track to attend AME - Boston, October 2017.

3.2 Practice continuous improvement skills
      3.2.1 Execute >/= 4 DMAIC projects. Result: △ - 1 project done, next will be done by end of July
      3.2.2 Execute >/= 3 Kaizen events - Status: O - 2 events done (both 5S Kaizens)
      3.2.3 Have >/= 2 coaching sessions with each of my Green Belts. Status: O - 20/24 sessions done.

4.1 Other (nice to have, but not necessary)
     4.1.1 Paint my kitchen. Status: O - Done!
     4.1.2 Paint my dining room with my mom. Status: O - Done!
     4.1.3 Paint my front door. Status: O - Done!
     4.1.4 Develop my personal style Status: not important, removing goal.
     4.1.5 Paint office with my mom. Status: O - Done!

5.1 Look for additional opportunities for growth and service

Other reflections:
1. Got promotion at work
2. Working toward Master Black Belt role at work
3. Selected to work on executive-sponsored project at work
4. Mentored new black belts and created onboarding program for them
5. Less anxiety overall
6. Personal style has improved - feel more comfortable in more feminine clothes

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