Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekly Goals #37: Reset

Last week I was facilitating a week-long event at one of my plants in Philadelphia. It was an intense but good experience, but now I am ready for a week of recovery before traveling again the following week. I do not have many obligations at work, either, and the weather will be beautiful.

1. Make appointment for eye exam. I'm almost out of contacts.
2. Finish painting front door.
3. F 2-3 days
4. Go for hikes/walks most days of the week
5. Bible study on Thursday
6. Easter lunch with family
7. Personal goal (no A or P)
8. Look into yoga class

1. Track savings for project
2. Help with onboarding of new co-worker
3. Mid-year performance review
4. Expense report
5. Summarize expedite data
6. Prep for 5S kaizen pre-event next week:
    a. Inventory list
    b. general prep list
    c. 5S flyer
7. Random email catching-up

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