Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly Goals #36: The End of Quarter 1

Wow - the first quarter of 2017 is drawing to a close. To be honest, it has not been as good as I had wanted, but I'll save the details for my quarterly reflection post next week.

Lately I have noticed my goals posts becoming more of to-do lists, which is really just duplicating the ones I have already. I'm going to attempt more broader goals this week and see how that goes.

1. Take care of my body.
2. Network with at least two members of upper management.
3. Wednesday - F (work from home)
3. Gain consensus with key stakeholders prior to Thursday's Gate Review.
4. Gain consensus with all stakeholders on Project RH next steps via the Gate Review.
5. Gain consensus on sub-project next steps at stakeholder meeting on Friday.
6. Two cadence calls.
7. Counseling appointment.
8. Finish editing then publish chapter 11 of book.
9. Prepare for next week's 5S Kaizen Event (including setting up two Green Belt coaching sessions)
10. Write down daily verse each day on a note card and put it on my desk to look at throughout the day (trying something a little different).

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