Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekly Goals #35: A Calmer Week.

I've been traveling the past two weeks, so I'm looking forward to staying put this week, especially since I have a lot of computer work to do.


  • Set agenda for Friday's team meeting.  Done.
  • Expense report (training coworker while doing it). Done.
  • Enter 4-5 projects into pipeline (training coworker while doing it). Done.
  • Discuss 5S Kaizen event roles with coworker. Done
  • Medication follow-up appointment - remember to get insurance thing straightened out. Done.
  • Go for a trail run at the local college after the appointment. Done (at local park instead of college).
  • Transcribe notes from last week. Done.
  • Establish and start follow-up items from last week. Done,
  • 2 coaching opportunities for belts (JF and RE). Done 1/2, the other didn't call me back.
  • Respond to email with ideas on how to resolve safety concerns, also let department manager know. Done.
  • Prep Analyze results for team meeting. Done.


  • Trial on manufacturing method all morning - very important for project. Done - good initial results. 
  • Summarize initial results of trial. Done & reviewed with team. 
  • Summarize metrics for tomorrow's meeting. Not done - still waiting on the data I need.


  • Team meeting all morning. Done - GREAT meeting.
  • Coaching session with Green Belt in afternoon. Not done with the belt I intended, but had a good last-minute session with a different belt. 


  • 5S in the morning. Done - actually Friday night, so I'd have time for errands Saturday morning.
  • Visit with my mom and niece who are coming to help paint the dining room. Done - had a really nice time. I enjoy shared activities like this. 


  • Church. Not done - husband had children's church, and didn't feel like going alone / too lazy.
  • F (24 hour). In progress. Kinda rough. 
  • Past week recap. In progress.
  • Next week's goals. Up next. 


  • Go for a walk or run most days. Probably 4-5/7 days.
  • Treat myself to one special meal. Done - had grilled salmon, potatoes, and green beans last night. 
  • Write down verse of the day each day. Partially done - maybe 2-3/7 days :-(

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