Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Goals #34: Heading West

The main event of this week is a trip to the San Diego area from Wednesday to Saturday. I'm looking forward to it - I haven't been to the West Coast since I was very young. I'm actually going to the same county (Orange County) that I was born in.

Since I return Saturday, I'm taking off the following Monday from work, so I'm going to include it in this week's goals since it is part of the "weekend".

Goals for this week:

1. Complete team survey for team meeting last week (1 hr) - Result: I have no idea what I meant by this!
2. Complete notes from my RH team meeting and send to team (1 hr) - Result: done.
3. Discuss transition strategy with my manager (1 hr) - Result: Done. We decided to try to push for a year before possibly having me move into her position.
4. Call with one of my plants to prepare for a 5S Kaizen event (1.5 hr). Result: Done, and they were well-prepared!
5. Give my new coworker a plant tour (2 hr). Result: Done, managed to batch it with a meeting out in manufacturing to save time.
6. Set up kick-off meeting for PA (0.5 hr). Result: Done (on Sunday)
7. Set agenda and send out for Friday's meeting (1 hr). Result: Done.

1. Book flight to PA (1 hr). Result: Done (on Sunday)
2. Meet with key stakeholder regarding project update. Result: Done, and it went well, despite having to also discuss a safety concern.
3. Identify and schedule new tasks based on #2. Result: Done.
4. Prep for Wednesday's CRN meeting. Result: Done, but see below.

1. CRN off-site meeting - give update and gain consensus. Network. Result: Done, but with mixed results. My presentation was almost too well-prepared - they assumed were were farther along than the brainstorming/collaboration stage and reacted as if we were getting ready to implement the ideas, instead of just vetting them. I asked for feedback from two of the people present and learned a lot about how to modify my approach for next time.
2. Travel to San Diego (will take about 10 hours total) - F if possible (16 hour). Result, no F, but <300. I spent the first flight journaling and the second flight writing an email. Despite the length, it wasn't too bad.

1. Work during morning from coffee shop. Result: Done, although I woke up at 4:30 California time and had to wait until 6 am for Panera to open. I got a lot done there.
2. Check out Sprouts store. Result: This was fun - a big natural foods store that I spent over an hour wandering around.
3. Get Japanese ramen for lunch (lots of Japanese places in the area). Result: I got some food at Sprouts so I wasn't hungry for ramen, but I did manage to go to a Japanese restaurant on Friday evening (by myself!) and enjoyed miso soup and sashimi.
4. 2-3 hour hike at mountain park. Result: This was by far the best part of the trip. I went for a glorious, 6-7 mile hike with absolutely stunning views. I spent almost an hour at the top just relaxing and enjoying the views.

1. Morning visit to plant - go-and-see, talk with plant manager about next steps, meet with GB candidate and understand project. Result: This went very well. Three people gave me a tour and answered questions, and I really got a better understanding of their needs and how my project can impact/help them. I also enjoyed working with the new green belt to get ready for his class.
2. Travel back to Santa Ana. Result: Done. I stopped at a used bookstore that was supposed to be really good, but it was rather crappy. I wish I had not wasted time there, because by the time I got to Newport Beach, it was dark. Nevertheless, I walked along the beach and stopped at a hole-in-the wall restaurant for some delicious Japanese food.

1. Return home. Result: Done. Long flight from Santa Ana to Atlanta, but a movie (Dr. Strange) helped to pass the time. F all day.
2. Maybe a quick stop at IKEA to look at rugs. Result: Not done - I really just wanted to get home and see my little family, and I'm glad I did.

1. Church. Result: Done, and I left feeling encouraged.
2. Possibly start 48 hour through Monday. Result: Decided to start Saturday instead, and I'm glad I did as I needed Monday (today) to recover.
3. Edit one chapter of book!!!!!!!  Result: Not done (yet-still have half the day left).

1. Goals recap. Result: Almost done.
2. Goals blog post. Result: Will do next.
3. Prep for upcoming work week: Result: I will do some of this today, the remainder tomorrow. I have a quieter week at work.

Overall, a good week, and I especially enjoyed the amazing trip to California.

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