Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weekly Goals #33: Back at It

I did not post weekly goals for last week, but I'm moving forward with the upcoming. It's going to be a busy week with responsibilities and travel, but the weekend ahead is clear, so I'll have a chance for some rest and recovery then.

1. Welcome and complete the day's scheduled onboarding tasks for my new coworker
Result: Done, and found that we get along extraordinarily well. I also brought her along on a time study for my project, and got good feedback from those who interacted with her. We were a good team - she mingled and talked with everyone while I gathered the data. I'm really looking forward to continuing to work with her.
2. Gate review for one of my belts. 
Result: Done, and my boss let me take the lead on it. I was able to reassure him on some points and provide feedback on others - ultimately we were able to close the project which had been lingering open for > 1 year.
3. Complete financials tracking for one of my projects. 
Result: Done, although I had to spend some extra time asking for confirmation of some data. Also included in this was reporting the results to the key stakeholders.

1. Go-and-see time study activity for one of my projects. Also will bring along the new coworker for the experience.
Result - see Monday #1. I was very please to see the team had prepared very well for the trial.
2. Travel to team meeting with my husband. 
Result: Done, and he thankfully drove there for me.
3. Dinner with my husband.
Result: Neither of us felt like going out for dinner, so we got takeout from Hibachi Express, which was decent.

1. All-day team meeting. 
Result: Done, despite getting only 1 hour of sleep the night before. The temperature in the hotel room was hot, and I was dreading the upcoming meeting. But the meeting actually went very well, although I struggled a little to stay awake! I even volunteered to do a report-out on a workshop, which went well.
2. Team dinner.
Result: Done, although I was so incredibly tired. I still enjoyed conversation with my coworkers and the hibachi experience.
3. Weights at gym (if time).
Result: Decided it was more important to spend the couple of hours between the meeting and dinner with my husband, and I'm glad I did.

1. Meet with my boss' boss to go over a site.
Result: Done, although there was more going on that just showing him the site. The department head had found out about it and had the perception we were going 'rogue'. I think I was able to mitigate this a little by showing how I went through the proper channels to create the site, and that it was only adding to what had already been done, not replacing it. I'm frustrated that he would be upset that I would take the initiative to solve some problems, but I'm not too concerned about it.
2. Half-day team meeting.
Result: Done, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We went through our DiSC personality profiles and how that relates to teams in the workplace. I was somewhat surprised to find that I was a very strong C, as I thought I'd be a CD as I have been working on my assertiveness. But I accept it, along with its strengths and weaknesses.
3. Half-day team building activity. Result: Done, and I enjoyed taking a hike with some of my coworkers. Conversation flows much easier when I'm doing something like that, and I enjoyed getting to know some people better.
4. Travel back home.
Result: Done, and despite being tired, I drove home as I knew my husband was even more tired.
5. Possible Bible Study if we get back in time. 
Result: Not done - we were too exhausted.

1. 5S Kaizen Pre-event with my project team and team meeting.
Result: Done, and with good results despite not feeling as prepared as I would like. What worked particularly well was having another practitioner do a show-and-tell of a previous 5S event and the current results. The team ultimately decided to move forward with the event.
2. Coaching session with one of my belts.
Result: Done, and by the end of the hour the belt candidate said he felt much less apprehensive about the pre-work and the upcoming green belt class.

1. Rest and recovery. 
Result: Done. A very low-key but nice day that included a long hike/walk through the neighborhood.
2. House 5S.
Result: Partially done on Saturday, and the remainder on Sunday, which was fine.
3. Finish editing book chapter.
Result: Not done, maybe today (Sunday). I am really struggling with procrastination on this one.

1. Church.
Result: Not done :-( My husband was doing children's service and I didn't really feel like going to the regular service by myself.
2. Reading.
Result: I've done a little, and planning on doing more this evening.
3. Run.
Result: Not done, but by choice. I had a long walk/hike yesterday, and I want to lay low today.

Addendum: Challenge log accomplishments:
1. Said "Good morning" over the cubicle wall to my new coworkers. We then had a long, good conversation - although I had some things I needed to get done, it worked out.
2. I approached one of the floor clerks and asked if he got one of the bagels I had brought in for the team. He said he had, and thanked me.
3. I sat next to a master black belt I didn't know very well but had chatted with before instead of sitting by my boss which would have been more comfortable. This resulted not only with connecting with her, but also the 4 other people at my table. Great choice.
4. I engaged another master black belt that I did not know well in conversation in the bathroom.
5. I asked a question about the DiSC profile in front of a group of 50 people.
6. I volunteered and did a report-out after a workshop at a team meeting in front of my department's upper management and my fellow belts.
7. I engaged a new acquaintance in a conversation about his DiSC profile type.

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