Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekly Goals #32: A Fresh Start.

Goal #1: Gain consensus with all stakeholders on the Define/Measure phase of Project R.

  • Meet with area manager and analyst on Monday for final discussion of ideas and her analysis so far. Result: This went well, although it was partly to ask if I really needed all the data that I had asked for, as it was more difficult to obtain than originally thought. We came to good consensus on what was needed and steps moving forward. 
  • Meet with the department manager to gain consensus on the proposed improvement ideas prior to the Define/Measure gate review. Result: Done, and he was very positive about what the team had done so far. 
  • Meet with one of the vice presidents and a couple of folks involved in the receiving sites to also get their buy-in/feedback on the ideas, as some will affect them. Result: This went particularly well - very helpful information and support. I was particularly surprised when one idea, which would require some effort from the sites, was welcomed.
  • Prep for and deliver gate review on Thursday. Remember to give credit to the team. Result: This had to be cancelled since the project sponsor could not attend. Rescheduled for next week. 

Goal #2: Develop action plans with team on how to begin the Analyze phase for the ideas we will pursue.

  • Prep for meeting. Result: Chose to postpone this meeting since I would not have the results from the Gate Review above. 
  • Work hard to solicit thoughts and feedback. Don't be a "lean zealot" - it's OK to compromise on some things. Progress over perfection. Result: See above. 

Goal #3: Miscellaneous work items
  • Follow up with three of my belts on scheduling their gate reviews. Result: Actually did one of the calls, but neglected to follow up with the other two. 
  • Touch base with the design director on one of the projects. Result: Done, although the person who told him to get in touch with me was mistaken about what my project was about. We were able to clear it up though, and it was good to talk. 
  • Respond to one of my belt's questions about a project, remembering to help him think for himself. Result: Done, although he's still struggling a little. We had a follow-up meeting with him and the project sponsor to be sure we were clear on what problem we were trying to solve. 
  • Work with the other black belt to come up with a regional alignment proposal. Result: Done, and it was accepted with a few tweaks by our manager on Friday. I'm pleased - my workload was the highest of the four belts, and now it is more even. 
  • Team meeting on Friday. Result: Done, and really had a good meeting. 
  • Interview on Monday. Result: Done, with very favorable impression of the candidate. 

Goal #4: Other
  • 2 Weight lifting sessions. Result: 0 done, and I'm wondering if I should cancel my gym membership. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I'd rather work out outside, but I need to strength train as well. I do have a dumbell and a lot of isotonic exercises I can do, but I'd like to use next week as a test to see if I actually do them. 
  • Read for at least 15 minutes each night. Result: Done, although sometimes it was trash magazines :-)
  • Challenge log item each day. Result: 5 done this week, but I know I did a couple more that I negelected to write down. I definitely pushed myself outside of my comfort zone a couple of times for. the sole purpose of this challenge log, so I would say it is working. 
  • Dailies. Result: Done, exept for Wednesday. I'm pleased that weekends are getting more consistent.
  • 2-3 Runs/walks. Result: Done, 4-5 total. 
  • Bible Study on Thursday night. Result: Done, and I am really enjoying this. We have only gone for two sessions, yet I can feel the love and the care of the group and the trust starting to build. 
  • Dentist appointment :-(.  Result: Cancelled on Wednesday, I need to reschedule. 

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