Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekly Goals #31: First Week of Year 31

Overall Goals:
  1. Work on health (body & mind)
  2. Final filtering of Project R ideas (5-10?) in preparation for end of Define/Measure phase
  3. Successful 5S Kaizen pre-event
  4. Invest in relationships with others

Goal #1 Activities:
  • Counseling appointment (M)  Result: Done. Good timing - it was a rough day and I needed it.
  • 2-3 runs Result: Only 2 runs, in part due to travel this week. But I had an elliptical session at the hotel.
  • 1-2 weight training sessions: Result: Done - took advantage of the weights at the hotel. 
  • Daily verse and reflection: Result - Done 6 days out of 7
  • Try to eat healthier (more protein, more water, less sugar): Result - I definitely ate more this week, in part due to travel. Some of it was healthy, some not. 
  • Listen to podcasts to-and-from the airport so I can spend that time learning. Result - done. In total I listened to about 5 podcasts this week. 
  • Finish edit and publish next chapter of book. Result - not done. I'm really dragging my heels on this one. 

Goal #2 Activities:
  • Miscellaneous research and data compiling activities to give further details to ideas. Result: Done, although I wish I had time to do more in-depth research. But that will come as we move into the Analyze phase of the project. 
  • All ideas updated in idea box from last week's workshop, method developed for voting. Result: Done, with a simple but effective method for voting. 
  • Meet with key stakeholder to communicate status of project and gain consensus on direction and ideas. See if we need to remove any due to feasibility before the team votes on them. Result - Done, removed one idea and resurrected another. It was a good session, although I was a little discouraged to hear that I had not 'won over' a key player in the project yet. 
  • Send out team voting method after adjusting due to the stakeholder meeting. Tabulate results. Result: Done, and I tabulated the results one morning before my flight left. 
  • Additional: Had a good 1.5 hour conference call with the team where we narrowed down the ideas to the final 12. 
Goal #3 Activities
  • Update training material for PA 5S kaizen pre-event (remember to focus on Why). Result: Done, although I should have added the company logo. I ran out of time at the office to do this, and so had to do it the afternoon before the event. 
  • Get a good night's sleep the night before. Result: Not done - I was so hot and restless. Not my fault, though. It was hard to get through the training but I did it. 
  • Deliver training, being careful to adjust as needed based on feedback. Give a realistic picture of what 5S can do and what it will require. Result: Very successful I think - feedback was that it was a "great meeting" and I was pleasantly surprised about how enthusiastic the team was about having an event. By the time I left, they had committed to an area and a week, which I wasn't expected. 
Goal #4 Activities
  • Attend play and spend time with my dad, mom, sister, and nephew (Su). Result: Not done yet, but it will be tomorrow. 
  • Respond to questions from one of my belts first thing Monday morning.  Result: Done, and I also stopped by to see her to catch up, which went well. 
  • Coaching session with another belt - remember not to give answers but help people find them themselves. Result: done, and I did try to ask more questions instead of just providing answers. I think people prefer just answers because then they don't have to think, but the thinking is where the real learning takes place. 
  • Reach out to another one of my belts who I sense may be struggling. Result: Done, and despite some schedule conflicts, we worked out a time to talk on the phone. I think I was able to encourage him. 
  • One of three monthly cadence calls. Result: Done - went well. 
  • Valentine's day card and gift for my husband. Result - Done, and I think he liked it. I gave him chocolate (which was gone by the end of the day) and an oversized mug, which he has used every day since. He got me a dozen roses and a bottle of wine - so sweet!

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