Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly Goals #29: Day by Day

In the name of experimentation, I'm going to try something a little different this week and lay out my goals day by day. I have found myself doing that anyway each day, but not always using the weekly goals as a reference. I want to try changing the order of the process to see if that makes a difference.

Also, as a reflection from last week, I am going to distinguish between high and low priority goals. I might need another level in there, but I'll start this week with two. High priority goals are in bold. know I'm changing two factors at once, but I'm reasonably confident that both of them will work and I would rather not add a week of delay in implementing both to first trial them one by one.

Main goal today is to wrap up project P, involving items (1-5)
1. Draft innovation award submission and send to project leader to review (do this first thing to give him time to review before the end of the day). Result: Done. 
2. Review cost savings tracking method with stakeholders. Result: Done, and in doing so, learned of an easier way to find the information than the method I was using. Gained consensus with all participants on the process for calculation. 
3. If/when we gain consensus on the method, finish the tracking for November/December (this will probably take a couple of hours). Result: Done, with savings entered for those months. 
4. Make any needed changes to the innovation award and submit with the estimated yearly benefit from #3. Result: Done. 
5. Update the control plan and submit to my manager and the project sponsor with permission to close the project. Result: Partially done - the plan is updated, but I'm waiting for any final feedback on the savings from the stakeholders. Also, I forgot that I also need to complete the completion summary for the project prior to closing. 
6. Final gate review for one of my green belt's projects & confirm he's wrapping up his other one
7. Go to counseling appointment. Result: Not done, and I'm disappointed, especially because I cancelled it due to some issues with the data collection for the submission for #4. It was partially my fault - I procrastinated somewhat during the day and if I had managed my time better, I think I could have finished in time for my appointment. I did reschedule for week after next. 

1. Review PPT for project D proposal prior to call. Result: Done. I was asked a couple of questions about the details of the analysis on the call, so I'm glad that I went over it prior. 
2. Give 2 hour sharepoint training session - if it extends beyond 2 hours, have them schedule another session. Result: Done, although I was tired during the session and probably not as patient as I should have been. I also probably tried to cover too much in two hours. But, I think the main concepts were effectively taught, and the recipients were grateful. 
3. Project D proposal review call. Done. I think the call went well, and ownership of the next steps were transferred to the other divisions. The site I had built for the project turned out to be useful for document sharing. I also had the opportunity to be honest with our VP about my opinion on the purchase, which he actually agreed with. 
4. Green belt coaching call. Result: Done. The individual mainly needed some guidance on overall project direction, which was relatively easy to provide. 
5. Gather materials for kaizen workshop on Friday. Result: Flip chart, markers, post it notes, process map, improvement ideas, and agendas all ready. I spilled diet Coke all over some of the post-it notes, but had enough of them to make it work. 
6. Go for a trail run (beautiful weather). Result: On the day that I was going to do this, I forgot to bring my running clothes with me, even though I had set them out the night before. But all was not lost - I came home and went for a run in the neighborhood instead. I'm regularly doing 3-5 miles now with relative ease. 

1. Meet with final team member for Project RH, learn about her process and ideas. Result: Done, and I was incredibly impressed with her initiative and ideas. She had already implementing a major process change, and was eager to participate in future improvements. Our one hour meeting stretched into nearly and hour-and-a-half. I'm very glad to have her on the team. 
2. Finish process map for Project RH with existing improvement ideas. Result: Done, the day before the kaizen workshop. I'm glad I laid out the way I did, although I wish I had allowed for time for discussion while laying out each of the process steps instead of waiting until the end.
3. Show coworker how to download data from a system. Result: Done, although adjusted from the originally plan of sitting down with him since he couldn't get his password reset. I was concerned that when he was ready, I might be traveling, so I put together some work instructions for pulling the data. He was very grateful (he even printed them off right away!) and I put them on the shared site as there might be other people who can benefit from them. 

1. Finish prep for kaizen workshop! Result: Done, although a tough day overall. My fault. 
2. Attend first small group session (7-9 pm) Result: Not done, in part because the group leader didn't contact me, but mostly because I didn't feel like going, to be honest. However, today I gave my contact information again, so we'll see what happens. 

1. Pick up breakfast for workshop. Result: Done, and the team seemed to appreciate it. 
2. Kaizen workshop (remember to take pics). Result: Done, with good results - one person gave me the feedback that it was "fantastic" and they learned a lot from others' perspectives. I wish I did not have a splitting headache that morning, but I think it went well overall. We did not get through nearly as much as I had planned, but we will make up for it in another workshop next week. Good participation, and I'm even more convinced that the team-based approach is the right one. 
3. Document actions needed from workshop and send to team. Result: Done, as well as developed a Sharepoint site for collaboration after realizing that would be helpful. I'll launch it next week. 

1. Take cat to get rabies shot. Result: I really did not want to yesterday as all I wanted to do was nap, but I put my big girl pants on and brought her to the clinic. I'm glad to check that one off the list. 
2. Submit licensing paperwork. Result: Not done - just got the documentation yesterday. We'll do it this week. 
3. Chapter 9 edit & publish. Result: Not done. I am really lacking in motivation on this recently, and I think it has to do with having a rough week. I felt guilty at first for not getting it done, but then I realized that although it's important, feeling guilty is not the appropriate response. It's okay. 

1. Church. Result: Done, and a blessing as always. A good reminder to "be at peace with everyone, as much as it depends on us."
2. Pack for trip to Knoxville. Result: 90% done an ready to get up and at 'em at 5:30 tomorrow morning. 
3. Weekly goals recap. Result: Doing right now :-)
4. Next week's goals post. Result: Will do right after this :-)

1. 2 additional runs. Result: I ran 3 times (at least) this week and about to do a 4th. The running is such a good thing for me. 
2. 1-2 weight sessions. Result: Did one weight session yesterday. I'm okay with thinking about reducing this to once a week. 
3. Request new HSA cards. Result: Done on Monday. 
4. Request reimbursement for HSA. Result: Not done, but need to do this. 
5. Make dentist appointment. Result: Done on Monday for Feb 22. 
6. Book sister's flight in April. Result: Done, and asked my dad to cover one of the flights. This is good for me - I'm not usually used to asking for things like that. 
7. 2 C/I podcasts. Result: I think I've listened to 4-5, mostly when working out. 
8. Dailies ex. Saturday. Result: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were not good and had a big negative impact on the course of each day. I'm going to keep trying - because it's worth it.
9. 1 challenge log item per day. Result: 7 total items, although I forgot to log a couple of them until the end of the week. What matters most is doing the challenge item, so I'm okay with that!
10. Spend time lounging on the couch reading :-) Result: Done - and very much enjoyed. I'm reading Creating a Lean Culture and Voluntary Madness, as well as a bunch of trash mags :-)

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