Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Goals #28: PDCA

Last week, the outlook when I set my weekly goals was very positive. This week, it is even more so. I'm absolutely convinced that the goals I've been working toward are aligned with God's purpose for me, as I am seeing the improvements in my overall perspective as well as the results.

As I learn more about hoshin kanri, I am appreciating the importance of frequent PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycles. Upon reflection at the three week mark, I'd like to add another activity that I've been testing. Until the end of quarter 1, I would like to do 100 more things that are outside of my comfort zone. Now, these aren't necessarily large things - I'm talking about introducing myself to a stranger, or calling someone instead of emailing them, or going out of my way to give someone positive feedback. I've been logging some of the times I've done this so far this year in my Challenge Log, which now has 7 entries. I also record the results as Circle, Triangle, or X, depending on the outcome. So far 6 circles and 1 triangle (the triangle wasn't because it didn't go well, per se, just that I didn't get the full outcome that I had wanted).

100 challenges over 68 days is about 1.5 a day.  It will be a stretch, but I believe I can do it and will reap some real benefits. It's easy to get stuck in complacency - this is a tangible way to push myself to a new level.

With that in mind, here's this week's goals:

  1. 11 challenge items completed and logged. Result: 4 items logged, which was the same as the week before, so no improvement. I think this was in part due to not making a proactive effort to achieve this every day, but rather recording it after the fact if/when it happened.
  2. Chapters 9 and 10 edited and published (Chapter 9 is carryover from last week). Result: Not done. I have been feeling very unmotivated about the book lately. 
  3. Weekly goals recap and next week's goal post. Result: First is in-progress and second will be done today. 
  4. Dailies - EVERY day (no exceptions planned this time). Result: Good news and bad. The bad: Tuesday-Thursday were struggles. The good: Friday and Saturday, typically tougher days, were actually very good. 
  5. 2-3 runs, including 1 trail run - should be nice weather this week.  Result: 2 done, including one trail run at Bethabara. It was cold, but refreshing. 
  6. 2 weights sessions. Result: Only one done this week, and 20 minutes at that. 
  7. Be fully prepared for fire inspection (first week in Feb). Result: Just need to purchase fire extinguisher and we should be set. 
  8. Physical completed with foster parent paperwork. Result: Done, with paperwork submitted. 
  9. 2-3 CI podcasts. Result: One Gemba Academy and 1+ Kainexus podcasts. Both good. 
  10. Finish Chapter 2 of Beyond Strategic Vision. Result: Done
  11. Finish Chapter 1 of The Cost of Discipleship. Result: Not done, not even a little. :-(
  12. Reach out to my sister more - text at least once a day, call ideally. Result: Done - and we got to have a great conversation on Wednesday evening which had me laughing like crazy, as usual. She's something else :-)

Work specific:
  1. Complete defensive driver training. Result: Done, although it took a while to get the training to launch. Fortunately, the training itself only took about 30 minutes, instead of the 2 hours I was expecting. I did learn that one technique of car-jackers is to rear-end a vehicle, so if I'm rear-ended I should be very cautious about getting out of my car. It's preferable to drive to a public location first. 
  2. Give one of my belts a tour of our facility (counts as coaching session, too). Result: Done, but I was not feeling well so it was somewhat half-hearted. Hopefully it did not negatively impact the tour too much. 
  3. Sit with 4 key process owners and learn about their part of the value stream for my project as well as get some of their initial ideas. Result: Done, with good results. I felt like I connected with each of the people and that I both helped their understanding of the purpose of the project and definitely was helped in my understanding of their processes. As a result, the scope is more focused. 
  4. Create rough draft of process map based on #3. Result: About 25% done. I struggled with what template to use for a while, before settling on one that worked well for a previous project. 
  5. Create and send agenda for 5S kaizen pre-event.  Result: Done. 
  6. Update training overview for 5S kaizen pre-event - more focus on starting with "Why" and less on what 5S is and more on what it can do for us. Result: Not done, but after some planning I realize I had higher priorities to complete first, and that there would be time to do this later, so I'm OK with delaying it. 
  7. Submit project for innovation award. Result: Still gathering information, including how to get a more accurate estimate of the savings. I also learned the due date wasn't until next week, so I shuffled this around. 
  8. Create control plan for project, possibly close it out. Result: Control plan drafted, just need to verify after a conference call next week. 
  9. Send out meeting notices and notes for remaining 2 Feb cadence calls. Result: Done. Did not take long at all with our new tracking tool. 
  10. Learn how to pull tracking data from mainframe database. Result: Done - it was actually easier than the other similar system that I know how to use. I also found an opportunity to teach the person who taught me how to use the other system - he had previously had to wait for someone else to run the report for him. A win-win. 
  11. Set up meeting with other black belt to brainstorm regional alignment ideas. Result: Meeting set up mid-February. 
  12. If time, work on prepping "Idea Box" improvement suggestion system. Result: Done and the pilot was launched yesterday to my project team. Will modify based on feedback and possibly deploy to a larger audience next month. 

Other accomplishments:
1. Went for a couple of nice long walks
2. Enjoyed going to a coffee shop with my husband yesterday
3. Had some opportunity to provide coaching to some of my belts this week
4. Got to speak on the phone with a potential candidate and answer some of his questions about the position. 
5. Showed my manager some basic Sharepoint tools
6. Shared my current workload with my manager after she got a request from her manager who got a request from a chief VP for my help on a project. It would be great for visibility, but I would have to drop some other critical work. They were able to get me a "stay of execution"...a cross-divisional project for me is probably coming, but it is delayed for now. 
7. Got a quote for a Master's certificate in Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University - looking to start this in the fall (IF my book is published first!)
8. Put together a tentative process for tracking some complex savings for a project I inherited. I need to run it by the other stakeholders next week and get their buy-in. 

Reflection: I wish I had prioritized these goals - some of them were definitely more important than others. I will apply that improvement idea to next week's goals. 

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