Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Goals #27: Reset

Work-related goals:

1. Start tracking savings for a project that was handed-over to me. Determine if I will need to be the one tracking or if we can ideally assign the process owner. Result: The conference call started out a little rough, partly because most of the participants did not know who I was nor why I was asking what probably seemed to them as basic questions. I corrected mid-course and it went a little better. We were able to agree on a joint tracking method. I was feeling bad about how I was treated on the call, and assumed it was my fault, but it turns out that there was a long history with my predecessor on the project that probably had many of the participants feeling suspicious of my motives. One of the ways I will try to help clear that up is by submitting the project (without any credit to me) for our innovation excellence award as it certainly qualifies. I did not start tracking the savings yet as the person who will be assigned to do the first part has not yet been identified and trained. I'll follow up next week. 

2. Close out one of my green belts' projects and identify his next one. Result: Done, and I'm pleased with how it went. I looked at our pipeline and selected a possible next project for us to discuss on the call. There was some concern on if the project would be too much additional workload, so I asked if there was a project that would be more in-line with this individual's daily work. He came up with a replication project himself that actually is much higher-value. And because he came up with the project idea, he was very enthusiastic about getting it started. 

3. All day-meeting on Wednesday with a customer - need to get a grasp of the current situation for #4. Result: Good. The meeting was very long, especially by the afternoon, but it was worth it in terms of getting verbatim feedback on how the project was going. Also, I introduced myself to someone I had been conversing with over email before, and enjoyed talking to her in person. 

4. Close out customer project - final gate review and summary. Result: Good - the sponsor definitely agreed that the project was successful. I added a Reflection section at the end of the summary, which was perhaps the most valuable in terms of lessons learned. The sponsor suggested that it might be good to highlight this project at the next general manager's meeting - wow! Project was successfully closed on Friday. 

5. Gain consensus from key stakeholders on charter and launch next project. Result: Mixed. I met with one of the key process owners this week and had a great conversation and I think I got his buy-in to the project. But when I sent him the charter to review, I forgot there were some comments in there about a possible headcount reduction due to order volume decrease (outside of the project). Needless to say, he was concerned and called his manager who called me. He was very nice about it, but I felt terrible - I should have thought to be more careful with that information. Oh well, lesson learned. Project did not launch yet but will next week. 

6. Set up meeting with initial process owner for this project as part of grasping the current situation. Result: This part was good (see above). We talked for almost an hour and a half and I think he is going to be a huge help. I mainly wanted to communicate to him that I don't run projects with the mindset that I'm the hero coming in to fix the process - NO. It is a collaborative effort to continuously improve that is primarily driven by the ideas of those who are directly involved in the process. I serve as the facilitator to these improvements. He seemed relieved to hear that this was the approach we would be taking. 

7. 2 cadence call reviews - will complete January's calls. This includes a review of mine on project related to #1. Result: Complete, with good results. Did not schedule next month's like I would have liked to, but I'll do that next week.

8. Team meeting on Friday - hopefully we will discuss upcoming strategy with new members. Result: I was not looking forward to the meeting due to my workload, but it actually turned out very well. Our small team has connected very well, and we now have the opportunity to build the team further with two more team members. Our manager is very collaborative and welcomes and applies our input, which is very refreshing. 

9. Investigate tuition reimbursement procedure. Result: I got the quotes but they were the wrong ones, and my contact at the university quit. I need to work with the current contact to get the right quotes. I started to look into the process from my company's end, and it's not clearly defined but a couple of people are looking into it further for me. 


1. Hair appointment on Saturday. Result: Done, with good results! I got a lot of more red put in, and I think it looks good. I'm relieved to have found a good stylist. 

2. 2 weight-lifting sessions - maybe Tuesday and Sunday. Result: Done on Wednesday (shoulders, chest, back) and Saturday (biceps, triceps, some abs). I think 2x a week works well. 

3. 3 podcasts. Result: I listened to Gemba Academy's podcast "How to Innovate" with Geoff Cox and really enjoyed that one. I also listened to a Today's Lean manufacturing podcast. I need to listen to one more, and will probably do so during my run today.

4. At least 2 runs - looking at Wednesday and Saturday due to weather. Would like to do trail run on Wednesday.  Result: Done on Tuesday and Thursday. Both runs were about 4 miles, which is longer than usual for me. Tuesday's run in particular was great - mostly trails at a local college campus. I'm probably going to go for a run today as well to make it 3 this week. 

5. Edit and publish chapter 10 of book -  cutting down on this goal as 2 chapters a week is a lot. With one chapter a week, we're looking at an end date of June 11 for the publish. Then I'll need to proofread / review one more time before my Amazon publish - I can give myself mid-June through mid-Sept for this (3 months). Then it's on to the next project - hopefully beginning my master's certificate around the 1st of October.  Result: I had not finished Chapter 9 - hopefully will do that today. 

6. Finish Chapters 1 and 2 of "Beyond Strategic Vision", taking notes as I read. Result: Finished chapter 1, have not started Chapter 2. I think this goal might be more successful if I commit to doing a couple of pages a day, instead of thinking I have to do the whole chapter

7. Read Chapter 1 of "The Cost of Discipleship". Result: I forgot there was an introduction. I finished the intro and read some of the first chapter, so I'll call this a win. So far, it's good - it talks about the difference between "cheap grace" ('just' being forgiven of our sins) and costly grace (become disciples of Christ). 

8. Keep up with dailies. Make it a good week. Result: Ugh, did good except for Saturday and it wasn't worth it. Next week is going to be better. But, this week was better than last. Progress over perfection. 

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