Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Goals #26: Continuing a Good Start

Last week was a good one in terms of goals - 100% completion, which is a great way to start off the new year. Let's see how week 2 measures up.

  1. Carefully evaluate my next project and make sure it is aligned strategically with our goals. Early investigation has shown that this might not be as high of a value project as initially thought. Once I finish getting the numbers together, I need to discuss with our leadership if this is the best choice for me to be working on next or if we need to pick a more valuable project. I have made the mistake of simply agreeing to work on projects without confirming their strategic alignment as more information is gathered, and I'm going to make the effort to ensure that does not happen again. Report: Gained consensus that this is indeed the highest priority project with the VPs but also got them to agree to a 75% reduction in the initial savings estimate. I could not find the supposed magnitude of savings that they originally estimated, and was able to justify a reduction using the data. We agreed to change the overall project metric to strictly $ savings, as well, so our team has more freedom in how to achieve that savings. 
  2. Figure out how to track the savings for a project at work that I am taking over. Report: Had initial meeting regarding this. I have a slightly better understanding of how to track the savings but, perhaps more importantly, the individual I met with and I agreed on the strategy of trying to first get a process owner to take ownership of tracking the savings. I'll be the back-up plan in case that doesn't happen. There will be a follow-up meeting next week to discuss further. 
  3. Visit to one of our plants about an hour-and-a-half away for a tour and two green belt coaching sessions. Result: Very good - I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet one of the belts and see her projects. She even thanked me later for the encouragement. I hope I was able to ease the other (prospective) belt's concerns about the upcoming green belt class. Overall it was a good visit that was mutually appreciated. 
  4. Finish out a kaizen project (completion summary and gate review) at work. Result: Done, and my sponsor agreed to close out the project. I might have a follow-up event as a result, but nothing major. 
  5. Weight-training at least 2x. Result: Done, 3x actually. But I found that I can't do every-other day even with rotating muscle groups - there are few shoulder exercises that don't also use biceps and/or triceps, and so I found myself still sore. I'll have to re-think this approach - maybe every two days. 
  6. 2 continuous improvement podcasts. Result: Listened to 3+. One Gemba Academy and 2+ Kainexus podcasts. All were very good, particularly one about practical problem-solving. 
  7. Return library books, get new ones. Result: Done - got Drive by Daniel Pink and Self-Made Man by Norah Vincent. 
  8. Mail card for my brother-in-law's birthday (Wednesday) - first birthday card of the year. Result: Done! It helped prepping the card ahead of time so I wasn't rushed. I even started prepping for the next two upcoming birthdays. I'm really enjoying this. 
  9. Begin reading first continuous improvement book of the year, if it arrives in the mail. Result: It's called "Beyond Strategic Vision" and it did arrive, and I did start reading it. So far, very good overview of the purpose of hoshin kanri combined with practical steps. I'm looking forward to applying it to my personal life. 
  10. Read at least 1 chapter of "The Cost of Discipleship". Result: Sort-of done - I didn't read chapter 1, but I read the lengthy introduction which was an abbreviated biography of Dietrick Bonhoeffer. God truly worked through his life in an incredible way, and I'm looking forward to reading his book. 
  11. Go for at least 2 runs/walks - weather should warm up towards end of the week. Result: Done - I think three walks total. I left work a little early (since I arrived early) a couple of days to beat the darkness and get a walk or run in. Then, I went for a run this afternoon in 60 degree weather - very nice. 
  12. Edit and publish 2 more book chapters. Result: Only one chapter done. I elected to finish painting my kitchen today instead. I probably could have fit both in, but choose not to do so.
  13. Continue daily activities (verse, journaling, food-logging). Result: Did all three of these each day. I need to be more accurate with the food-logging, though. Too often I just estimate and go with "good enough."
  14. Complete 1 entry in "comfort zone" log each day (one example each day where I go outside my comfort zone). Result: I did this 3/7 days. I do admit that writing it down provides a little extra incentive. First, I stopped by one of our VP's offices to check up, and that went very well. Next, I accepted a phone call even though I didn't feel like talking. And third, I engaged a couple in conversation at church. By and large, when I step outside of my comfort zone, there are rewards. 

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