Monday, January 2, 2017

Weekly Goals #25: All Things New

And so the year begins, bringing with it the promise of the new. The key is maintaining motivation when time threatens to erode resolve. One of my goals is weekly posts about what I hope/plan to accomplish that week, particularly in the areas that relate to my annual goals. I have been doing this infrequently for several years, and have found it to be effective, so I established the goal in 2017 of doing it more regularly.
  1. Strength-training 2x. Probably Tuesday and Saturday.  Result: Done on Tuesday and Friday. I've decided to split my major muscle groups into separate sessions - I think it will give me a better work out to focus only on a few each time and then I can also go more frequently. I have split it up like this: biceps/triceps/abs and shoulders/chest/back. 
  2. Edit and publish 3 more chapters on Lean Hub. Result: 1 chapter done Monday (holiday), 1 chapter done Saturday, and 1 done Sunday. 
  3. Listen to 2 CI podcasts. Result: Done - I listened to one Gemba Academy podcast about Toyota kata, a Kainexus podcast Q & A session, and a Freakonomics podcast about Amos Tversky and Danny Kahneman, two psychologists who started the field of behavioral economics.
  4. Finish books I borrowed from the library and return Saturday. Result: I finished about 3 of the 5 books. It was quite pleasant actually - I would spend the evening on the couch after work, sipping tea and reading. I may be able to finish the rest of them this evening.
  5. Complete 1 green belt coaching session at work. Result: Complete, and also did short coaching of two other belts. It's definitely something I need to practice. 
  6. Finish the work for 1 kaizen project (complete documentation and final review next week). Result: Almost complete - I forgot that in addition to the powerpoint (which I did complete) I also need to fill out a summary. If I had managed my time better this week, I would have gotten to that, but it is okay. 
  7. Schedule yearly physicals. Result: Complete - both mine and my husband's are scheduled for next week. 
  8. Schedule fire inspection. Result: Complete - delegated this one to my husband and he took care of it. 
  9. Continue daily activities. Result: Complete. Wrote down verse and journaled each day, as well as kept track of food log although not as accurately as I need to be. That's something to work on next week. 

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