Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals: Hoshin Kanri Style

Hoshin Kanri is a Japanese phrase that means direction management. In church today, our pastor talked about how our decisions set our direction which determines our destination. Hoshin Kanri is a method that basically follows this process:

1. Set overall strategy (I can mine my 'ultimate purpose')
3. Determine 3-5 year breakthrough objectives related to this strategy
4. Set annual goals that will enable you to meet those 3-5 year objectives
5. Decide what metrics you will use to measure progress toward these goals
5. Identify activities that will help reach those annual goals

I roughly used this process to set my direction for 2017, as follows.

The masterpiece

Ultimate purpose:
To love God with my heart, mind, and soul, and to share His love using the gifts and abilities He has given me.

3-5 Year Objectives:
1. Be healthy in mind, body, and soul
2. Share God's love with others
3. Contribute to the field of continuous improvement

Annual Goals and Activities:
1.1 Care for my mind:
      1.1.1 Attend >/= 12 counseling sessions
      1.1.2 Post weekly goals in A Running Tally
      1.1.3 Post quarterly 2017 goal progress update in A Running Tally
      1.1.4 Keep a log of when I go outside my comfort zone and the results UPDATE 1/22: This has                    been going well, so adding a metric for Q1 of a total of 107 entries, then re-evaluate at Q1                    reflection

1.2 Care for my body:
      1.2.1 Personal goal #1
      1.2.2 Personal goal #2
      1.2.3 Strength training and/or yoga 2x per week
      1.2.4 Track my daily nutritional intake
1.3 Care for my soul.
      1.3.1 Write verse and thoughts in journal each day.
      1.3.2 Attend church >/= 40 times
      1.3.3 Read the following 3 books:
               a. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
               b. Confessions by St. Augustine
               c. The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton Removed 1/22
      1.3.4 Attend 2 semesters of small group study

2.1 Complete and publish book
      2.1.1 Publish book 100% on by June
      2.1.2 Improve book with feedback
      2.1.3 Publish book on Amazon via CreateSpace by October

2.2 Become foster parents
      2.2.1 Obtain foster parent certification. Remaining items:
               a. Fire inspection
               b. Cats rabies shots
               c. Cats licensed
               d. Physicals
               f. CPR / bloodborne pathogens training
      2.2.2 Provide respite care for children

2.3 Love my family and friends
      2.3.1 Give a card and/or gift for the birthdays of 36 people
      2.3.2 Spend time with family >/= 25 times, possibly including:
               a. Trip to see my college with my sister
               b. Play in Feb with my dad and nephew
               c. CO vacation with Shane's family
               d. CO vacation with my family
               e. Oct wedding in Maine
               f. Thanksgiving with my family
               g. Christmas with Shane's family
               h. 4th of July at my house?
      2.3.3 Continue to provide love and support to my younger sister
               a. College trip
               b. Summer visit
               c. Answer her calls whenever I can
               d. Reach out to her daily
               e. Care packages / letters

3.1 Develop knowledge of continuous improvement (CI)
      3.1.1 Listen to >/= 100 podcasts (i.e. Kainexus and Gemba Academy)
      3.1.2 Read >/= 10 books, including:
               a. Toyota Kata
               b. Beyond Strategic Vision
               c. Creating a Kaizen Culture
               d. Creating a Lean Culture
               e. The Power of Habit
               f.  Drive
               g. Consulting for Dummies
               h. Lean Six Sigma for Service
               i. One Small Step Can Change Your Life
               j. The Four Hour Work Week
      3.1.3 Write 20 blog posts about CI (inc. reviews of the above books)
      3.1.4 If #2.1 is done, pursue master's certificate in Lean Six Sigma (Villanova?)
      3.1.5 Attend a lean/CI conference if I have the opportunity
3.2 Practice continuous improvement skills
      3.2.1 Execute >/= 4 DMAIC projects
      3.2.2 Execute >/= 3 Kaizen events
      3.2.3 Have >/= 2 coaching sessions with each of my Green Belts

4.1 Other (nice to have, but not necessary)
     4.1.1 Paint my kitchen
     4.1.2 Paint my dining room with my mom
     4.1.3 Paint my front door
     4.1.4 Develop my personal style
5.1 Look for additional opportunities for growth and service

I am honestly excited for 2017 - I know God has big plans for me, and my heart is ready to fulfill His purpose for my life.

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