Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly Goals #29: Day by Day

In the name of experimentation, I'm going to try something a little different this week and lay out my goals day by day. I have found myself doing that anyway each day, but not always using the weekly goals as a reference. I want to try changing the order of the process to see if that makes a difference.

Also, as a reflection from last week, I am going to distinguish between high and low priority goals. I might need another level in there, but I'll start this week with two. High priority goals are in bold. know I'm changing two factors at once, but I'm reasonably confident that both of them will work and I would rather not add a week of delay in implementing both to first trial them one by one.

Main goal today is to wrap up project P, involving items (1-5)
1. Draft innovation award submission and send to project leader to review (do this first thing to give him time to review before the end of the day). Result: Done. 
2. Review cost savings tracking method with stakeholders. Result: Done, and in doing so, learned of an easier way to find the information than the method I was using. Gained consensus with all participants on the process for calculation. 
3. If/when we gain consensus on the method, finish the tracking for November/December (this will probably take a couple of hours). Result: Done, with savings entered for those months. 
4. Make any needed changes to the innovation award and submit with the estimated yearly benefit from #3. Result: Done. 
5. Update the control plan and submit to my manager and the project sponsor with permission to close the project. Result: Partially done - the plan is updated, but I'm waiting for any final feedback on the savings from the stakeholders. Also, I forgot that I also need to complete the completion summary for the project prior to closing. 
6. Final gate review for one of my green belt's projects & confirm he's wrapping up his other one
7. Go to counseling appointment. Result: Not done, and I'm disappointed, especially because I cancelled it due to some issues with the data collection for the submission for #4. It was partially my fault - I procrastinated somewhat during the day and if I had managed my time better, I think I could have finished in time for my appointment. I did reschedule for week after next. 

1. Review PPT for project D proposal prior to call. Result: Done. I was asked a couple of questions about the details of the analysis on the call, so I'm glad that I went over it prior. 
2. Give 2 hour sharepoint training session - if it extends beyond 2 hours, have them schedule another session. Result: Done, although I was tired during the session and probably not as patient as I should have been. I also probably tried to cover too much in two hours. But, I think the main concepts were effectively taught, and the recipients were grateful. 
3. Project D proposal review call. Done. I think the call went well, and ownership of the next steps were transferred to the other divisions. The site I had built for the project turned out to be useful for document sharing. I also had the opportunity to be honest with our VP about my opinion on the purchase, which he actually agreed with. 
4. Green belt coaching call. Result: Done. The individual mainly needed some guidance on overall project direction, which was relatively easy to provide. 
5. Gather materials for kaizen workshop on Friday. Result: Flip chart, markers, post it notes, process map, improvement ideas, and agendas all ready. I spilled diet Coke all over some of the post-it notes, but had enough of them to make it work. 
6. Go for a trail run (beautiful weather). Result: On the day that I was going to do this, I forgot to bring my running clothes with me, even though I had set them out the night before. But all was not lost - I came home and went for a run in the neighborhood instead. I'm regularly doing 3-5 miles now with relative ease. 

1. Meet with final team member for Project RH, learn about her process and ideas. Result: Done, and I was incredibly impressed with her initiative and ideas. She had already implementing a major process change, and was eager to participate in future improvements. Our one hour meeting stretched into nearly and hour-and-a-half. I'm very glad to have her on the team. 
2. Finish process map for Project RH with existing improvement ideas. Result: Done, the day before the kaizen workshop. I'm glad I laid out the way I did, although I wish I had allowed for time for discussion while laying out each of the process steps instead of waiting until the end.
3. Show coworker how to download data from a system. Result: Done, although adjusted from the originally plan of sitting down with him since he couldn't get his password reset. I was concerned that when he was ready, I might be traveling, so I put together some work instructions for pulling the data. He was very grateful (he even printed them off right away!) and I put them on the shared site as there might be other people who can benefit from them. 

1. Finish prep for kaizen workshop! Result: Done, although a tough day overall. My fault. 
2. Attend first small group session (7-9 pm) Result: Not done, in part because the group leader didn't contact me, but mostly because I didn't feel like going, to be honest. However, today I gave my contact information again, so we'll see what happens. 

1. Pick up breakfast for workshop. Result: Done, and the team seemed to appreciate it. 
2. Kaizen workshop (remember to take pics). Result: Done, with good results - one person gave me the feedback that it was "fantastic" and they learned a lot from others' perspectives. I wish I did not have a splitting headache that morning, but I think it went well overall. We did not get through nearly as much as I had planned, but we will make up for it in another workshop next week. Good participation, and I'm even more convinced that the team-based approach is the right one. 
3. Document actions needed from workshop and send to team. Result: Done, as well as developed a Sharepoint site for collaboration after realizing that would be helpful. I'll launch it next week. 

1. Take cat to get rabies shot. Result: I really did not want to yesterday as all I wanted to do was nap, but I put my big girl pants on and brought her to the clinic. I'm glad to check that one off the list. 
2. Submit licensing paperwork. Result: Not done - just got the documentation yesterday. We'll do it this week. 
3. Chapter 9 edit & publish. Result: Not done. I am really lacking in motivation on this recently, and I think it has to do with having a rough week. I felt guilty at first for not getting it done, but then I realized that although it's important, feeling guilty is not the appropriate response. It's okay. 

1. Church. Result: Done, and a blessing as always. A good reminder to "be at peace with everyone, as much as it depends on us."
2. Pack for trip to Knoxville. Result: 90% done an ready to get up and at 'em at 5:30 tomorrow morning. 
3. Weekly goals recap. Result: Doing right now :-)
4. Next week's goals post. Result: Will do right after this :-)

1. 2 additional runs. Result: I ran 3 times (at least) this week and about to do a 4th. The running is such a good thing for me. 
2. 1-2 weight sessions. Result: Did one weight session yesterday. I'm okay with thinking about reducing this to once a week. 
3. Request new HSA cards. Result: Done on Monday. 
4. Request reimbursement for HSA. Result: Not done, but need to do this. 
5. Make dentist appointment. Result: Done on Monday for Feb 22. 
6. Book sister's flight in April. Result: Done, and asked my dad to cover one of the flights. This is good for me - I'm not usually used to asking for things like that. 
7. 2 C/I podcasts. Result: I think I've listened to 4-5, mostly when working out. 
8. Dailies ex. Saturday. Result: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were not good and had a big negative impact on the course of each day. I'm going to keep trying - because it's worth it.
9. 1 challenge log item per day. Result: 7 total items, although I forgot to log a couple of them until the end of the week. What matters most is doing the challenge item, so I'm okay with that!
10. Spend time lounging on the couch reading :-) Result: Done - and very much enjoyed. I'm reading Creating a Lean Culture and Voluntary Madness, as well as a bunch of trash mags :-)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Goals #28: PDCA

Last week, the outlook when I set my weekly goals was very positive. This week, it is even more so. I'm absolutely convinced that the goals I've been working toward are aligned with God's purpose for me, as I am seeing the improvements in my overall perspective as well as the results.

As I learn more about hoshin kanri, I am appreciating the importance of frequent PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycles. Upon reflection at the three week mark, I'd like to add another activity that I've been testing. Until the end of quarter 1, I would like to do 100 more things that are outside of my comfort zone. Now, these aren't necessarily large things - I'm talking about introducing myself to a stranger, or calling someone instead of emailing them, or going out of my way to give someone positive feedback. I've been logging some of the times I've done this so far this year in my Challenge Log, which now has 7 entries. I also record the results as Circle, Triangle, or X, depending on the outcome. So far 6 circles and 1 triangle (the triangle wasn't because it didn't go well, per se, just that I didn't get the full outcome that I had wanted).

100 challenges over 68 days is about 1.5 a day.  It will be a stretch, but I believe I can do it and will reap some real benefits. It's easy to get stuck in complacency - this is a tangible way to push myself to a new level.

With that in mind, here's this week's goals:

  1. 11 challenge items completed and logged. Result: 4 items logged, which was the same as the week before, so no improvement. I think this was in part due to not making a proactive effort to achieve this every day, but rather recording it after the fact if/when it happened.
  2. Chapters 9 and 10 edited and published (Chapter 9 is carryover from last week). Result: Not done. I have been feeling very unmotivated about the book lately. 
  3. Weekly goals recap and next week's goal post. Result: First is in-progress and second will be done today. 
  4. Dailies - EVERY day (no exceptions planned this time). Result: Good news and bad. The bad: Tuesday-Thursday were struggles. The good: Friday and Saturday, typically tougher days, were actually very good. 
  5. 2-3 runs, including 1 trail run - should be nice weather this week.  Result: 2 done, including one trail run at Bethabara. It was cold, but refreshing. 
  6. 2 weights sessions. Result: Only one done this week, and 20 minutes at that. 
  7. Be fully prepared for fire inspection (first week in Feb). Result: Just need to purchase fire extinguisher and we should be set. 
  8. Physical completed with foster parent paperwork. Result: Done, with paperwork submitted. 
  9. 2-3 CI podcasts. Result: One Gemba Academy and 1+ Kainexus podcasts. Both good. 
  10. Finish Chapter 2 of Beyond Strategic Vision. Result: Done
  11. Finish Chapter 1 of The Cost of Discipleship. Result: Not done, not even a little. :-(
  12. Reach out to my sister more - text at least once a day, call ideally. Result: Done - and we got to have a great conversation on Wednesday evening which had me laughing like crazy, as usual. She's something else :-)

Work specific:
  1. Complete defensive driver training. Result: Done, although it took a while to get the training to launch. Fortunately, the training itself only took about 30 minutes, instead of the 2 hours I was expecting. I did learn that one technique of car-jackers is to rear-end a vehicle, so if I'm rear-ended I should be very cautious about getting out of my car. It's preferable to drive to a public location first. 
  2. Give one of my belts a tour of our facility (counts as coaching session, too). Result: Done, but I was not feeling well so it was somewhat half-hearted. Hopefully it did not negatively impact the tour too much. 
  3. Sit with 4 key process owners and learn about their part of the value stream for my project as well as get some of their initial ideas. Result: Done, with good results. I felt like I connected with each of the people and that I both helped their understanding of the purpose of the project and definitely was helped in my understanding of their processes. As a result, the scope is more focused. 
  4. Create rough draft of process map based on #3. Result: About 25% done. I struggled with what template to use for a while, before settling on one that worked well for a previous project. 
  5. Create and send agenda for 5S kaizen pre-event.  Result: Done. 
  6. Update training overview for 5S kaizen pre-event - more focus on starting with "Why" and less on what 5S is and more on what it can do for us. Result: Not done, but after some planning I realize I had higher priorities to complete first, and that there would be time to do this later, so I'm OK with delaying it. 
  7. Submit project for innovation award. Result: Still gathering information, including how to get a more accurate estimate of the savings. I also learned the due date wasn't until next week, so I shuffled this around. 
  8. Create control plan for project, possibly close it out. Result: Control plan drafted, just need to verify after a conference call next week. 
  9. Send out meeting notices and notes for remaining 2 Feb cadence calls. Result: Done. Did not take long at all with our new tracking tool. 
  10. Learn how to pull tracking data from mainframe database. Result: Done - it was actually easier than the other similar system that I know how to use. I also found an opportunity to teach the person who taught me how to use the other system - he had previously had to wait for someone else to run the report for him. A win-win. 
  11. Set up meeting with other black belt to brainstorm regional alignment ideas. Result: Meeting set up mid-February. 
  12. If time, work on prepping "Idea Box" improvement suggestion system. Result: Done and the pilot was launched yesterday to my project team. Will modify based on feedback and possibly deploy to a larger audience next month. 

Other accomplishments:
1. Went for a couple of nice long walks
2. Enjoyed going to a coffee shop with my husband yesterday
3. Had some opportunity to provide coaching to some of my belts this week
4. Got to speak on the phone with a potential candidate and answer some of his questions about the position. 
5. Showed my manager some basic Sharepoint tools
6. Shared my current workload with my manager after she got a request from her manager who got a request from a chief VP for my help on a project. It would be great for visibility, but I would have to drop some other critical work. They were able to get me a "stay of execution"...a cross-divisional project for me is probably coming, but it is delayed for now. 
7. Got a quote for a Master's certificate in Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University - looking to start this in the fall (IF my book is published first!)
8. Put together a tentative process for tracking some complex savings for a project I inherited. I need to run it by the other stakeholders next week and get their buy-in. 

Reflection: I wish I had prioritized these goals - some of them were definitely more important than others. I will apply that improvement idea to next week's goals. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Goals #27: Reset

Work-related goals:

1. Start tracking savings for a project that was handed-over to me. Determine if I will need to be the one tracking or if we can ideally assign the process owner. Result: The conference call started out a little rough, partly because most of the participants did not know who I was nor why I was asking what probably seemed to them as basic questions. I corrected mid-course and it went a little better. We were able to agree on a joint tracking method. I was feeling bad about how I was treated on the call, and assumed it was my fault, but it turns out that there was a long history with my predecessor on the project that probably had many of the participants feeling suspicious of my motives. One of the ways I will try to help clear that up is by submitting the project (without any credit to me) for our innovation excellence award as it certainly qualifies. I did not start tracking the savings yet as the person who will be assigned to do the first part has not yet been identified and trained. I'll follow up next week. 

2. Close out one of my green belts' projects and identify his next one. Result: Done, and I'm pleased with how it went. I looked at our pipeline and selected a possible next project for us to discuss on the call. There was some concern on if the project would be too much additional workload, so I asked if there was a project that would be more in-line with this individual's daily work. He came up with a replication project himself that actually is much higher-value. And because he came up with the project idea, he was very enthusiastic about getting it started. 

3. All day-meeting on Wednesday with a customer - need to get a grasp of the current situation for #4. Result: Good. The meeting was very long, especially by the afternoon, but it was worth it in terms of getting verbatim feedback on how the project was going. Also, I introduced myself to someone I had been conversing with over email before, and enjoyed talking to her in person. 

4. Close out customer project - final gate review and summary. Result: Good - the sponsor definitely agreed that the project was successful. I added a Reflection section at the end of the summary, which was perhaps the most valuable in terms of lessons learned. The sponsor suggested that it might be good to highlight this project at the next general manager's meeting - wow! Project was successfully closed on Friday. 

5. Gain consensus from key stakeholders on charter and launch next project. Result: Mixed. I met with one of the key process owners this week and had a great conversation and I think I got his buy-in to the project. But when I sent him the charter to review, I forgot there were some comments in there about a possible headcount reduction due to order volume decrease (outside of the project). Needless to say, he was concerned and called his manager who called me. He was very nice about it, but I felt terrible - I should have thought to be more careful with that information. Oh well, lesson learned. Project did not launch yet but will next week. 

6. Set up meeting with initial process owner for this project as part of grasping the current situation. Result: This part was good (see above). We talked for almost an hour and a half and I think he is going to be a huge help. I mainly wanted to communicate to him that I don't run projects with the mindset that I'm the hero coming in to fix the process - NO. It is a collaborative effort to continuously improve that is primarily driven by the ideas of those who are directly involved in the process. I serve as the facilitator to these improvements. He seemed relieved to hear that this was the approach we would be taking. 

7. 2 cadence call reviews - will complete January's calls. This includes a review of mine on project related to #1. Result: Complete, with good results. Did not schedule next month's like I would have liked to, but I'll do that next week.

8. Team meeting on Friday - hopefully we will discuss upcoming strategy with new members. Result: I was not looking forward to the meeting due to my workload, but it actually turned out very well. Our small team has connected very well, and we now have the opportunity to build the team further with two more team members. Our manager is very collaborative and welcomes and applies our input, which is very refreshing. 

9. Investigate tuition reimbursement procedure. Result: I got the quotes but they were the wrong ones, and my contact at the university quit. I need to work with the current contact to get the right quotes. I started to look into the process from my company's end, and it's not clearly defined but a couple of people are looking into it further for me. 


1. Hair appointment on Saturday. Result: Done, with good results! I got a lot of more red put in, and I think it looks good. I'm relieved to have found a good stylist. 

2. 2 weight-lifting sessions - maybe Tuesday and Sunday. Result: Done on Wednesday (shoulders, chest, back) and Saturday (biceps, triceps, some abs). I think 2x a week works well. 

3. 3 podcasts. Result: I listened to Gemba Academy's podcast "How to Innovate" with Geoff Cox and really enjoyed that one. I also listened to a Today's Lean manufacturing podcast. I need to listen to one more, and will probably do so during my run today.

4. At least 2 runs - looking at Wednesday and Saturday due to weather. Would like to do trail run on Wednesday.  Result: Done on Tuesday and Thursday. Both runs were about 4 miles, which is longer than usual for me. Tuesday's run in particular was great - mostly trails at a local college campus. I'm probably going to go for a run today as well to make it 3 this week. 

5. Edit and publish chapter 10 of book -  cutting down on this goal as 2 chapters a week is a lot. With one chapter a week, we're looking at an end date of June 11 for the publish. Then I'll need to proofread / review one more time before my Amazon publish - I can give myself mid-June through mid-Sept for this (3 months). Then it's on to the next project - hopefully beginning my master's certificate around the 1st of October.  Result: I had not finished Chapter 9 - hopefully will do that today. 

6. Finish Chapters 1 and 2 of "Beyond Strategic Vision", taking notes as I read. Result: Finished chapter 1, have not started Chapter 2. I think this goal might be more successful if I commit to doing a couple of pages a day, instead of thinking I have to do the whole chapter

7. Read Chapter 1 of "The Cost of Discipleship". Result: I forgot there was an introduction. I finished the intro and read some of the first chapter, so I'll call this a win. So far, it's good - it talks about the difference between "cheap grace" ('just' being forgiven of our sins) and costly grace (become disciples of Christ). 

8. Keep up with dailies. Make it a good week. Result: Ugh, did good except for Saturday and it wasn't worth it. Next week is going to be better. But, this week was better than last. Progress over perfection. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Goals #26: Continuing a Good Start

Last week was a good one in terms of goals - 100% completion, which is a great way to start off the new year. Let's see how week 2 measures up.

  1. Carefully evaluate my next project and make sure it is aligned strategically with our goals. Early investigation has shown that this might not be as high of a value project as initially thought. Once I finish getting the numbers together, I need to discuss with our leadership if this is the best choice for me to be working on next or if we need to pick a more valuable project. I have made the mistake of simply agreeing to work on projects without confirming their strategic alignment as more information is gathered, and I'm going to make the effort to ensure that does not happen again. Report: Gained consensus that this is indeed the highest priority project with the VPs but also got them to agree to a 75% reduction in the initial savings estimate. I could not find the supposed magnitude of savings that they originally estimated, and was able to justify a reduction using the data. We agreed to change the overall project metric to strictly $ savings, as well, so our team has more freedom in how to achieve that savings. 
  2. Figure out how to track the savings for a project at work that I am taking over. Report: Had initial meeting regarding this. I have a slightly better understanding of how to track the savings but, perhaps more importantly, the individual I met with and I agreed on the strategy of trying to first get a process owner to take ownership of tracking the savings. I'll be the back-up plan in case that doesn't happen. There will be a follow-up meeting next week to discuss further. 
  3. Visit to one of our plants about an hour-and-a-half away for a tour and two green belt coaching sessions. Result: Very good - I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet one of the belts and see her projects. She even thanked me later for the encouragement. I hope I was able to ease the other (prospective) belt's concerns about the upcoming green belt class. Overall it was a good visit that was mutually appreciated. 
  4. Finish out a kaizen project (completion summary and gate review) at work. Result: Done, and my sponsor agreed to close out the project. I might have a follow-up event as a result, but nothing major. 
  5. Weight-training at least 2x. Result: Done, 3x actually. But I found that I can't do every-other day even with rotating muscle groups - there are few shoulder exercises that don't also use biceps and/or triceps, and so I found myself still sore. I'll have to re-think this approach - maybe every two days. 
  6. 2 continuous improvement podcasts. Result: Listened to 3+. One Gemba Academy and 2+ Kainexus podcasts. All were very good, particularly one about practical problem-solving. 
  7. Return library books, get new ones. Result: Done - got Drive by Daniel Pink and Self-Made Man by Norah Vincent. 
  8. Mail card for my brother-in-law's birthday (Wednesday) - first birthday card of the year. Result: Done! It helped prepping the card ahead of time so I wasn't rushed. I even started prepping for the next two upcoming birthdays. I'm really enjoying this. 
  9. Begin reading first continuous improvement book of the year, if it arrives in the mail. Result: It's called "Beyond Strategic Vision" and it did arrive, and I did start reading it. So far, very good overview of the purpose of hoshin kanri combined with practical steps. I'm looking forward to applying it to my personal life. 
  10. Read at least 1 chapter of "The Cost of Discipleship". Result: Sort-of done - I didn't read chapter 1, but I read the lengthy introduction which was an abbreviated biography of Dietrick Bonhoeffer. God truly worked through his life in an incredible way, and I'm looking forward to reading his book. 
  11. Go for at least 2 runs/walks - weather should warm up towards end of the week. Result: Done - I think three walks total. I left work a little early (since I arrived early) a couple of days to beat the darkness and get a walk or run in. Then, I went for a run this afternoon in 60 degree weather - very nice. 
  12. Edit and publish 2 more book chapters. Result: Only one chapter done. I elected to finish painting my kitchen today instead. I probably could have fit both in, but choose not to do so.
  13. Continue daily activities (verse, journaling, food-logging). Result: Did all three of these each day. I need to be more accurate with the food-logging, though. Too often I just estimate and go with "good enough."
  14. Complete 1 entry in "comfort zone" log each day (one example each day where I go outside my comfort zone). Result: I did this 3/7 days. I do admit that writing it down provides a little extra incentive. First, I stopped by one of our VP's offices to check up, and that went very well. Next, I accepted a phone call even though I didn't feel like talking. And third, I engaged a couple in conversation at church. By and large, when I step outside of my comfort zone, there are rewards. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Weekly Goals #25: All Things New

And so the year begins, bringing with it the promise of the new. The key is maintaining motivation when time threatens to erode resolve. One of my goals is weekly posts about what I hope/plan to accomplish that week, particularly in the areas that relate to my annual goals. I have been doing this infrequently for several years, and have found it to be effective, so I established the goal in 2017 of doing it more regularly.
  1. Strength-training 2x. Probably Tuesday and Saturday.  Result: Done on Tuesday and Friday. I've decided to split my major muscle groups into separate sessions - I think it will give me a better work out to focus only on a few each time and then I can also go more frequently. I have split it up like this: biceps/triceps/abs and shoulders/chest/back. 
  2. Edit and publish 3 more chapters on Lean Hub. Result: 1 chapter done Monday (holiday), 1 chapter done Saturday, and 1 done Sunday. 
  3. Listen to 2 CI podcasts. Result: Done - I listened to one Gemba Academy podcast about Toyota kata, a Kainexus podcast Q & A session, and a Freakonomics podcast about Amos Tversky and Danny Kahneman, two psychologists who started the field of behavioral economics.
  4. Finish books I borrowed from the library and return Saturday. Result: I finished about 3 of the 5 books. It was quite pleasant actually - I would spend the evening on the couch after work, sipping tea and reading. I may be able to finish the rest of them this evening.
  5. Complete 1 green belt coaching session at work. Result: Complete, and also did short coaching of two other belts. It's definitely something I need to practice. 
  6. Finish the work for 1 kaizen project (complete documentation and final review next week). Result: Almost complete - I forgot that in addition to the powerpoint (which I did complete) I also need to fill out a summary. If I had managed my time better this week, I would have gotten to that, but it is okay. 
  7. Schedule yearly physicals. Result: Complete - both mine and my husband's are scheduled for next week. 
  8. Schedule fire inspection. Result: Complete - delegated this one to my husband and he took care of it. 
  9. Continue daily activities. Result: Complete. Wrote down verse and journaled each day, as well as kept track of food log although not as accurately as I need to be. That's something to work on next week. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals: Hoshin Kanri Style

Hoshin Kanri is a Japanese phrase that means direction management. In church today, our pastor talked about how our decisions set our direction which determines our destination. Hoshin Kanri is a method that basically follows this process:

1. Set overall strategy (I can mine my 'ultimate purpose')
3. Determine 3-5 year breakthrough objectives related to this strategy
4. Set annual goals that will enable you to meet those 3-5 year objectives
5. Decide what metrics you will use to measure progress toward these goals
5. Identify activities that will help reach those annual goals

I roughly used this process to set my direction for 2017, as follows.

The masterpiece

Ultimate purpose:
To love God with my heart, mind, and soul, and to share His love using the gifts and abilities He has given me.

3-5 Year Objectives:
1. Be healthy in mind, body, and soul
2. Share God's love with others
3. Contribute to the field of continuous improvement

Annual Goals and Activities:
1.1 Care for my mind:
      1.1.1 Attend >/= 12 counseling sessions
      1.1.2 Post weekly goals in A Running Tally
      1.1.3 Post quarterly 2017 goal progress update in A Running Tally
      1.1.4 Keep a log of when I go outside my comfort zone and the results UPDATE 1/22: This has                    been going well, so adding a metric for Q1 of a total of 107 entries, then re-evaluate at Q1                    reflection

1.2 Care for my body:
      1.2.1 Personal goal #1
      1.2.2 Personal goal #2
      1.2.3 Strength training and/or yoga 2x per week
      1.2.4 Track my daily nutritional intake
1.3 Care for my soul.
      1.3.1 Write verse and thoughts in journal each day.
      1.3.2 Attend church >/= 40 times
      1.3.3 Read the following 3 books:
               a. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
               b. Confessions by St. Augustine
               c. The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton Removed 1/22
      1.3.4 Attend 2 semesters of small group study

2.1 Complete and publish book
      2.1.1 Publish book 100% on by June
      2.1.2 Improve book with feedback
      2.1.3 Publish book on Amazon via CreateSpace by October

2.2 Become foster parents
      2.2.1 Obtain foster parent certification. Remaining items:
               a. Fire inspection
               b. Cats rabies shots
               c. Cats licensed
               d. Physicals
               f. CPR / bloodborne pathogens training
      2.2.2 Provide respite care for children

2.3 Love my family and friends
      2.3.1 Give a card and/or gift for the birthdays of 36 people
      2.3.2 Spend time with family >/= 25 times, possibly including:
               a. Trip to see my college with my sister
               b. Play in Feb with my dad and nephew
               c. CO vacation with Shane's family
               d. CO vacation with my family
               e. Oct wedding in Maine
               f. Thanksgiving with my family
               g. Christmas with Shane's family
               h. 4th of July at my house?
      2.3.3 Continue to provide love and support to my younger sister
               a. College trip
               b. Summer visit
               c. Answer her calls whenever I can
               d. Reach out to her daily
               e. Care packages / letters

3.1 Develop knowledge of continuous improvement (CI)
      3.1.1 Listen to >/= 100 podcasts (i.e. Kainexus and Gemba Academy)
      3.1.2 Read >/= 10 books, including:
               a. Toyota Kata
               b. Beyond Strategic Vision
               c. Creating a Kaizen Culture
               d. Creating a Lean Culture
               e. The Power of Habit
               f.  Drive
               g. Consulting for Dummies
               h. Lean Six Sigma for Service
               i. One Small Step Can Change Your Life
               j. The Four Hour Work Week
      3.1.3 Write 20 blog posts about CI (inc. reviews of the above books)
      3.1.4 If #2.1 is done, pursue master's certificate in Lean Six Sigma (Villanova?)
      3.1.5 Attend a lean/CI conference if I have the opportunity
3.2 Practice continuous improvement skills
      3.2.1 Execute >/= 4 DMAIC projects
      3.2.2 Execute >/= 3 Kaizen events
      3.2.3 Have >/= 2 coaching sessions with each of my Green Belts

4.1 Other (nice to have, but not necessary)
     4.1.1 Paint my kitchen
     4.1.2 Paint my dining room with my mom
     4.1.3 Paint my front door
     4.1.4 Develop my personal style
5.1 Look for additional opportunities for growth and service

I am honestly excited for 2017 - I know God has big plans for me, and my heart is ready to fulfill His purpose for my life.