Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Goals #22

Weekly Goals:

  • Determine next course of action based on results of blood work. Result: Vitamin D has improved slightly but still low. I've increased my daily IU's from 2000 to 3000. TSH was normal, but T3 was on the low end (85 - "normal" scale is 75-180). Even though the doctor doesn't think this is cause for concern, I'm going to follow up with an endocrinologist in October.
  • Go for 3 runs, including at least one trail run. Result: Done - I think. I only remember Tuesday, Thursday, but I think I ran last Sunday. Not positive. Anyway, the Thursday run was particularly awesome - I ran about 4 miles along a new trail. I felt so refreshed and wanted to keep going but it was getting late. It was a great time of reflection and relaxation.
  • Strength training one time. Just one! I can do it. Result: Not done. Other than a few planks this week. I plan to get a gym membership next week to help with this.
  • Keep drinking lots of water. Result: Done, and after Tuesday I even cut out soda completely. Much less bloated. I also cut out all artificial sweeteners except stevia. I am drinking so much more water than I used to.

  • Continue reflecting on each daily verse. Result: Done, and I found myself looking at the verse again throughout the day. I'm really encouraged by this.
  • Attend church. Undecided about small group. Result: Done, and we did go to the small group activity of visiting a nursing home on Friday evening. I am glad we did. I spoke with a woman who had just lost her husband 4 months ago after being married for 60 years. She spoke of the hope she had, knowing that she would see him again. It was inspiring to me, and I think it meant a lot to many of the residents to have someone visit and talk with them.
  • Finish reading "Scary Close" by Donald Miller. Result: Not done. I spent probably more time than I should have reading on my phone instead when I had the opportunity.

  • Do a good job facilitating a cross-divisional meeting on Thursday. The goals are to get general consensus about the process the team has chosen and the next steps. Result: Very good. Although there wasn't much feedback on the call, afterwards, our executive vice president said that we did a "great job". We also had similar feedback from one of the plant managers on the call. The approach we are taking is very data-driven and different from what many of these individuals are used to. But I feel we have the support of our management to move forward.
  • Gain buy-in from a key stakeholder during another meeting. This individual is a little challenging but it will help to have his support. Result: Very good - he was very supportive, and even had some helpful feedback that we used right away. Having his support will make this process easier.
  • Move forward with analyzing and improving the external and internal bottlenecks of my other main project. Result: Didn't do as much as I wanted to, both due to other commitments and my own lack of motivation, frankly. But this week, I have activities planned that should help move this along.
  • Hold last cadence review of the month. Result: Done. I am feeling much more comfortable with these.
  • Facilitate a project pipeline brainstorming call with our assembly teams. Result: Done, although I was more nervous than I usual am during these calls.
  • Start preparing for a customer visit in October. Result: Done, and got to work with the account manager for the first time. She was very helpful, and it was good to begin that relationship.
  • Start preparing project work instructions due by the end of the month. Result: Not done. The above activity took more time than I thought it would.
  • Continue to look for ways that I can serve, putting priority on this above my own agenda. Result: I think I did this for about 3 individuals at work this week. 1 of them needed coaching on his project, so I spent about an hour doing that. The other was feeling discouraged, so I reached out to listen and offer my support. The other one just needed some reassurance a couple of times, and help with a presentation another. I had little hesitation in dropping what I was doing to reach out and help where I could, and it was absolutely the right choice. People first.
  • Finally, do one thing every day that challenges me outside of my comfort zone! Result: Didn't do this every day, but I did reach out to one of our VP's and ended up having a good conversation with him. I also asked one of my coworkers for help with something, and talked with two of my coworkers more than I normally would have. Finally, I introduced myself in person to a lady who had been helping me out via email and thanked her. 
  • Finish editing one more chapter of my book. Result: Not done, unless I do it later today which I probably won't. :-(
  • Get contacts at Costco - almost out. Result: Done.
  • Hopefully watch "Let Hope Rise" movie - can't wait to see this. Result: Not done, because my husband wasn't feeling up to it. Maybe soon though.
  • Get a birthday gift for my mom. Result: not yet, going to have to think about this one.

Other good things that happened:
  • Cutting out diet soda and artificial sweeteners.
  • Cutting down on caffeine. The most I had on any given day was 3 servings, and most days were 2.
  • Just being more mindful and appreciative of life. I felt less panicky overall.
  • Walked or ran all days but one.
  • Had a nice time out shopping yesterday.
  • Scheduled our first home visit - necessary for becoming foster parents.
  • Adapted to a surprise request to give an immediate plant tour to some visitors. It ended up going fine, and I enjoyed talking with them and learning a few things.
  • I encouraged my husband one evening when he was feeling particularly down. I think it helped - by the end he was laughing and seemed more relaxed.
  • Finally put down mulch on the hill in my backyard. I had been putting this off for a while.
  • Two people at work confided in me about some challenges they had been having. Folks are reaching out to me more with problems, which is a good sign.
  • My manager told me she had to shield me from a request to take over one of the continuous improvement lead roles in the plant. She said word of my performance has been getting around. That was incredibly encouraging to me.
  • Finally, I decided to start Whole30 this week. I'm really looking forward to both the process and the results. Although, I am planning on a celebratory big bowl of popcorn at the end!

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