Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekly Goals #21: Joyful Living

My goals for next week:

Mental / spiritual health:
·        Reflect on the daily Bible verse each day (reference it several times).
·        Actively look for opportunities to bless others.
·        Practice more mindfulness.
·        Attend first small group meeting.
·        More reading! I have two memoirs and a book on faith lined up.

Physical health:
·        Continue to limit/eliminate my consumption of white carbs and sugar. I have really benefitted from the reduced cravings and more regulated energy.
·        Eat more of a variety of vegetables. Gotta get those vitamins and minerals!
·        Have sardines at least once. What a nutritional powerhouse.
·        Start taking magnesium supplements.
·        Try to avoid ibuprofen and Tylenol when possible.
·        Make an appointment with an endocrinologist.
·        Go on 2-3 runs.
·        Go for a bike ride.
·        Strength training at least twice.
·        Go ahead and get a membership at Planet Fitness. It’s not that much per month, and it would really encourage me to ramp up the strength training.

·        Make more progress on pre-press project.
·        Run 2 cadence review calls.
·        Effectively communicate to our executive vice president the value of one of my coworker’s work. He is trying very hard to do the right thing for our company, and he needs support

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