Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Goals #23

Weekly Goals:

Not as many this week, primarily because I want to focus on the first week of Whole30.
  • Complete 1st week of Whole30! I think the biggest challenge for me will be not having stevia in my coffee. Actually, it will be not weighing/measuring myself for a whole month. I really want to show myself I can do this and experience the benefits.
  • Enjoy seeing family at a park Sunday afternoon - especially my nieces and nephews.
  • Complete 1st home visit for foster care.
  • Make substantial more progress on my project at work
  • Bring another key stakeholder on board via a conference call Tuesday morning
  • Meet with 3 individuals and really gain a better understanding of their perspectives as it relates to the project.
  • Start figuring out a way to help a manager with a problem he approached me with. It is a matter of cutting down on unnecessary/duplicate paperwork.
  • Attend small group on Friday and church on Sunday
  • Strength training session: Specifically, getting a membership to Planet Fitness and going on Saturday. There, how is that for a specific plan?
  • Run 3 times. Hopefully including one trail run.
  • Seek ways to encourage my husband.

Weekly Goals #22

Weekly Goals:

  • Determine next course of action based on results of blood work. Result: Vitamin D has improved slightly but still low. I've increased my daily IU's from 2000 to 3000. TSH was normal, but T3 was on the low end (85 - "normal" scale is 75-180). Even though the doctor doesn't think this is cause for concern, I'm going to follow up with an endocrinologist in October.
  • Go for 3 runs, including at least one trail run. Result: Done - I think. I only remember Tuesday, Thursday, but I think I ran last Sunday. Not positive. Anyway, the Thursday run was particularly awesome - I ran about 4 miles along a new trail. I felt so refreshed and wanted to keep going but it was getting late. It was a great time of reflection and relaxation.
  • Strength training one time. Just one! I can do it. Result: Not done. Other than a few planks this week. I plan to get a gym membership next week to help with this.
  • Keep drinking lots of water. Result: Done, and after Tuesday I even cut out soda completely. Much less bloated. I also cut out all artificial sweeteners except stevia. I am drinking so much more water than I used to.

  • Continue reflecting on each daily verse. Result: Done, and I found myself looking at the verse again throughout the day. I'm really encouraged by this.
  • Attend church. Undecided about small group. Result: Done, and we did go to the small group activity of visiting a nursing home on Friday evening. I am glad we did. I spoke with a woman who had just lost her husband 4 months ago after being married for 60 years. She spoke of the hope she had, knowing that she would see him again. It was inspiring to me, and I think it meant a lot to many of the residents to have someone visit and talk with them.
  • Finish reading "Scary Close" by Donald Miller. Result: Not done. I spent probably more time than I should have reading on my phone instead when I had the opportunity.

  • Do a good job facilitating a cross-divisional meeting on Thursday. The goals are to get general consensus about the process the team has chosen and the next steps. Result: Very good. Although there wasn't much feedback on the call, afterwards, our executive vice president said that we did a "great job". We also had similar feedback from one of the plant managers on the call. The approach we are taking is very data-driven and different from what many of these individuals are used to. But I feel we have the support of our management to move forward.
  • Gain buy-in from a key stakeholder during another meeting. This individual is a little challenging but it will help to have his support. Result: Very good - he was very supportive, and even had some helpful feedback that we used right away. Having his support will make this process easier.
  • Move forward with analyzing and improving the external and internal bottlenecks of my other main project. Result: Didn't do as much as I wanted to, both due to other commitments and my own lack of motivation, frankly. But this week, I have activities planned that should help move this along.
  • Hold last cadence review of the month. Result: Done. I am feeling much more comfortable with these.
  • Facilitate a project pipeline brainstorming call with our assembly teams. Result: Done, although I was more nervous than I usual am during these calls.
  • Start preparing for a customer visit in October. Result: Done, and got to work with the account manager for the first time. She was very helpful, and it was good to begin that relationship.
  • Start preparing project work instructions due by the end of the month. Result: Not done. The above activity took more time than I thought it would.
  • Continue to look for ways that I can serve, putting priority on this above my own agenda. Result: I think I did this for about 3 individuals at work this week. 1 of them needed coaching on his project, so I spent about an hour doing that. The other was feeling discouraged, so I reached out to listen and offer my support. The other one just needed some reassurance a couple of times, and help with a presentation another. I had little hesitation in dropping what I was doing to reach out and help where I could, and it was absolutely the right choice. People first.
  • Finally, do one thing every day that challenges me outside of my comfort zone! Result: Didn't do this every day, but I did reach out to one of our VP's and ended up having a good conversation with him. I also asked one of my coworkers for help with something, and talked with two of my coworkers more than I normally would have. Finally, I introduced myself in person to a lady who had been helping me out via email and thanked her. 
  • Finish editing one more chapter of my book. Result: Not done, unless I do it later today which I probably won't. :-(
  • Get contacts at Costco - almost out. Result: Done.
  • Hopefully watch "Let Hope Rise" movie - can't wait to see this. Result: Not done, because my husband wasn't feeling up to it. Maybe soon though.
  • Get a birthday gift for my mom. Result: not yet, going to have to think about this one.

Other good things that happened:
  • Cutting out diet soda and artificial sweeteners.
  • Cutting down on caffeine. The most I had on any given day was 3 servings, and most days were 2.
  • Just being more mindful and appreciative of life. I felt less panicky overall.
  • Walked or ran all days but one.
  • Had a nice time out shopping yesterday.
  • Scheduled our first home visit - necessary for becoming foster parents.
  • Adapted to a surprise request to give an immediate plant tour to some visitors. It ended up going fine, and I enjoyed talking with them and learning a few things.
  • I encouraged my husband one evening when he was feeling particularly down. I think it helped - by the end he was laughing and seemed more relaxed.
  • Finally put down mulch on the hill in my backyard. I had been putting this off for a while.
  • Two people at work confided in me about some challenges they had been having. Folks are reaching out to me more with problems, which is a good sign.
  • My manager told me she had to shield me from a request to take over one of the continuous improvement lead roles in the plant. She said word of my performance has been getting around. That was incredibly encouraging to me.
  • Finally, I decided to start Whole30 this week. I'm really looking forward to both the process and the results. Although, I am planning on a celebratory big bowl of popcorn at the end!

    Sunday, September 11, 2016

    Weekly Goals #21: Joyful Living

    My goals for next week:

    Mental / spiritual health:
    ·        Reflect on the daily Bible verse each day (reference it several times).
    ·        Actively look for opportunities to bless others.
    ·        Practice more mindfulness.
    ·        Attend first small group meeting.
    ·        More reading! I have two memoirs and a book on faith lined up.

    Physical health:
    ·        Continue to limit/eliminate my consumption of white carbs and sugar. I have really benefitted from the reduced cravings and more regulated energy.
    ·        Eat more of a variety of vegetables. Gotta get those vitamins and minerals!
    ·        Have sardines at least once. What a nutritional powerhouse.
    ·        Start taking magnesium supplements.
    ·        Try to avoid ibuprofen and Tylenol when possible.
    ·        Make an appointment with an endocrinologist.
    ·        Go on 2-3 runs.
    ·        Go for a bike ride.
    ·        Strength training at least twice.
    ·        Go ahead and get a membership at Planet Fitness. It’s not that much per month, and it would really encourage me to ramp up the strength training.

    ·        Make more progress on pre-press project.
    ·        Run 2 cadence review calls.
    ·        Effectively communicate to our executive vice president the value of one of my coworker’s work. He is trying very hard to do the right thing for our company, and he needs support