Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekly Goals #20: Try and See

1.) Same breakfast (cereal and coffee) and lunch (salad with protein) every day. This is almost a habit after a few weeks of doing this.
Result: Done, although I was really craving sugar and had too much cereal a couple of days. I did decrease simple carbs at lunch time, though, pretty much just sticking to a salad with protein. I usually had a couple of packets of saltine crackers (i.e. 4 crackers total) and a small bit of candy in the early afternoon, but not as many crackers as before and I used to get a pretzel roll with lunch, too, which I did not at all. I definitely made some progress.

2.) Spending 5 minutes praying, reading the Bible, or doing a devotional in the morning.
Result: Completely did not do this. I think that if I switch to doing it at work (since I get there early anyway) I might be more successful than trying to sit down when I'm getting ready to head out the door.

3.) Bringing a big bottle of water to work every day.
Result: Done. Definitely helped me stay hydrated. I brought carbonated water this week, though, and found it was harder to drink more of it, so I think I will go back to non-carbonated.

4.) Getting some kind of exercise almost every evening - target walking at least 3 miles a day.
Result: Done except one day where I only walked a little over two miles. My stomach was hurting me and I was feeling pretty weak, so it made sense to skip a day. Every other day, I went for a walk or hike.

What I tried:
1.) Reading in bed for at least half an hour every evening.
Result: Done but...I've been reading Quora on my phone, not books like I intended. Maybe I can start with reading a book for at least fifteen minutes before switching to Quora.
2.) Send a query letter to one literary agent (part of fulfilling my purpose...)
Result: Not done but I did make myself look at Edit #3 of my book and even do a little editing. I'm going to call that progress.
3.) Complete at least 1 blog post draft for my new website.
Result: Not the website I originally intended, but I did eight journal-ty peposts, and I'm pretty satisfied with that.

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