Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Goals #16: Stabilization

This week, we moved into our beautiful new house. This is probably our 10-15 year home, God-willing. I also hope I work for my current company for at least as long. For the first time, I'm looking at a long period of stability. I am so grateful for this.

During the past year, I've experience three job changes, a period of unemployment, and a move to another state. There's been plenty of transition. I'm ready now for consistency and routine.

To that effect, here are some goals for this week.

1.) Drink at least 1 cup of tea per day. The health benefits of tea are well-known, yet I rarely drink it.
Results: Not great although I did finish my box of detox tea. Which, by the way, I don't think works.

2.) Read the daily Bible verse on my phone app every day. I have been neglecting my spiritual life and this needs to change. I miss God.
Result: I completed maybe two days. I need to make this a habit. So simple. This will be a repeat goal.

3.) Make significant progress on my project at work. Most of my time is self-directed so there can be a tendency to procrastinate if I don't keep pushing myself. I have a major deadline coming up in June that I need to be prepared for.
Result: Definitely significant progress, and now I'm almost ready to roll it out to the team.

4.) Start planning for my sister's summer visit. She's going to come for a few days, most likely in July, and I can't wait. I love spending time with her.
Result: Have started planning mentally. Soon I'll start booking things. I can't wait.

5.) Get all the major things put away in my house. This has been an incredibly easy move with having packers and movers, but there's a lot of little things that need to be taken care of still. I'm starting to feel settled in already, though.
Result: Done. In addition, I've organized, set up a tool board, and a bookcase. Things are looking good around here and I'm feeling very settled.

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