Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Goals: 30th Year Edition

2016 will be my 30th year on this planet. While I know in the greater scheme of things, this is not that old, it feels like it is to me. I'm sure when I'm 40, I will look back at 30 with longing - I should make the most of the time that I've been given, for it is a gift.

2016 Goals:

1.) Finish manuscript:
   a.) Edit #2
   b.) Edit #3

2.) Submit query letter and sample chapters of book to 10 literary agents:
    a.) Finish query letter
    b.) Identify 10 agents
    c.) Mail packet (query letter + 3 sample chapters) to 10 agents

1.) Deepen faith and develop relationship with God
    a.) Daily devotionals & journaling
    b.) Daily prayer
    c.) Church and fellowship with other believers (small group?)

1.) Be healthy in mind:
    a.) Read 30 books
    b.) Deepen knowledge of continuous improvement, six sigma, and management

2.) Be healthy in body
    a.) Exercise 4-5 times per week, including strength training
    b.) Drink 8 glasses of water a day

1.) Maintain key relationships
     a.) 'Conversation' dates with my husband at least 1x per month
     b.) See my sister at least 6 times, including several days during the summer if possible
     c.) See my brother at least 2 times
     d.) See my mom and dad at least 4 times
     e.) Girl's weekend in Asheville, NC for my birthday
     f.) Hikes with Alex and Kelly before leaving KY
     g.) See my father and stepmother several times

1.) Establish new career
     a.) Identify target position
     b.) Identify target industries and companies
     c.) Apply and interview for openings matching a) and b)
     d.) Receive and accept appropriate offer
     e.) Begin job and excel at it
     f.) Find opportunities to mentor young women in STEM careers.

1.) Establish life in new area
    a.) Prepare house to sell
    b.) Sell house
    c.) Buy new house
    d.) Find new church
    e.) Find new doctor, dentist, and counselor
    f.) Find new coffee shops!
    g.) Find new running locations

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