Friday, October 2, 2015

A Challenging Month Ahead

October looks to be a challenging month.

There's the big reason: I've gotten a promotion at work. It happened like this. I was encouraged to apply for an assistant manager opening back in June, and I decided not to apply. My reasons mostly revolved around not believing I was ready, but after some reflection I realized that probably few people actually feel ready, and that I might be passing up a big opportunity just because the timing wasn't convenient for me. Looking ahead, I also realized I was going to level out in terms of learning and challenge in my current role quickly. The stress was lower, but so was the challenge. It's been my experience in my career that the things I've been most afraid of doing usually end up being the most worthwhile.

So when the next opening came in July, I applied. I got an interview, and I got the promotion. The news was officially released this week, and it feels surreal. I'm excited and terrified. But that's a whole other post.

Work is soon going to be completely different. Instead of being responsible just for my individual performance, I'll be responsible for the performance of my team. People will be looking for me for guidance, and I need to provide it to them regardless of how I feel. The hours will be longer and the stress will be higher. In return, the potential to make a lasting impact on my company and my team is greater. Overall, I'm grateful and glad for the opportunity. But it does change things.

There's also some other challenges coming up in October. I will be visiting family 3 out of the 5 weekends, a good activity but it can be a little draining. Another weekend, I will be supporting my husband at an all day food show, again, a good activity but draining. Finally and most importantly, my sister's final custody hearing is in late October. I am on the witness list, and may be called to testify again. This is obviously a very emotionally difficult task. Even if I don't testify, the whole ordeal will be extremely stressful. But I need to be strong for my sister.

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