Friday, October 2, 2015

Monthly Goals #15

See previous post for preface to these goals.

  1. Support my sister during the final custody hearing. This might include testifying on her behalf, but at minimum means being there and being strong. Result: As good as could be expected. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do, and I can't even describe the sense of dread I had for the day leading up to the hearing. But God gave me the strength to get through it, and it did not crush me. Now, the results are in His hands. 
  2. Support my husband at his first food show for his new product. This will be a little challenging for this introvert, but it's a great opportunity. Result: very good. It wasn't too difficult once I started getting into the swing of it. We sold over 150 packages, and got a really favorable response. It will be exciting to see where the business goes next. I'm proud of both of us for stepping outside of our comfort zones. 
  3. Try to enjoy the time with family this month. (Sister/dad one weekend, parents another, mother-in-law another).  Result: Good.  
  4. Provide Celebrate Recovery meal at our church 1x. Requires preparation for 60 people.  Result: Good, except I don't think the meal I prepared was great. However, everyone got fed almost on time and there was plenty. It was a huge effort especially with starting the new job at work, and I got through it (with help!)  
Prepare for my new role as an assistant manager at work in the following ways. I've gotten a promotion that was somewhat unexpected but very appreciated, and I have a lot of work to do to prepare. I should have all of October to do so. Specifically:                
  1. Prepare and complete handover to my replacement   Result: Done. Very easy given that we had worked so closely together.                                 
  2. Minimum weekly review of sectional yearly targets until I know them backward and forward. This is my primary purpose as manager - to enable and ensure my team contributes to reaching our department targets, so I need to know these by heart.   Result: OK. I don't think I know them all by heart but I know the main ones.      
  3. Listen to at least 1 Manager Tools day for a total of 30 this month    Result: I typically listened to at least one during the weekdays on the way to or from work, but not as much on the weekends. I estimate I listened to at least 20, which I'm okay with.              
  4. Review Policy manual   Result: Done, and initiated and participated in one HR training session as well.                                                                              
  5. Take the 3 online learning courses recommended for supervisors  Result: Not done, but that's okay. Found out they either aren't needed or available.            
  6. Make sure my access to necessary systems is in place     Result: Done.          
  7. If my assignment is in a technical area I'm not familiar with, begin learning this area, using our department technical training material     Result: OK - reviewed 2/5 modules then had to start the new job rather quickly and have barely had time to breathe since then.                         
  8. Seek out practical advice for first steps from at least N=2 A/Ms that I respect and are known for doing good work     Result: Not really done directly, although I have asked for specific help. 
  9. Seize opportunities to network. This is an area of weakness for me, and relationships are critical to being a successful manager. Result: OK. Went out on a spontaneous dinner with coworkers one time, and also went to a celebratory launch event at the recommendation of one of my mentors. The latter wasn't that great in terms of networking, but I'm still glad I showed up for the face time.

Personal / spiritual / self-growth:
  1. Look for opportunities to practice going outside of my comfort zone. For example, yesterday, I walked to the front of spin class while it was still going on to get a towel to wipe down my bike when I had to leave early. It's hard for me to go in front of people like that, and my initial instinct was just to sneak out without wiping down my bike, but that wouldn't have been cool. So I sucked it up, and it was fine. Things like that. The more I do it, the more I will build my confidence.  Result: Good. I've kept a log of this, and there were over a dozen times I stepped out of my comfort zone - sometimes just little things, but they still count. Not one single time were there bad results from doing so.
  2. Read, read, read. Books about management, primarily. Goal is to finish at least 3 books this month. They say great leaders usually are well-read.  Result: Good. I finished The First 90 Days, Strengths-Based Leadership, and almost finished Now You're In Charge
  3. Do yoga at least 2x. This is so helpful in reducing stress and just good maintenance of my body.  Result: No good. Didn't even do one session. Wish I did though.
  4. As soon as I receive my devotional book in the mail, begin doing devotions each morning. Beginning goal is 4 out of 7 mornings each week. This sets the tone for the rest of the day. Result: Not good - did a few days and then trailed off. Hard to invest the few extra minutes in the morning when I'm already rushed. I'd like another shot at this next month.   
  5. In light of everything else I've got going on this month, I'm going to relax the writing goals a bit. My goal is to edit an additional 5 chapters. This will definitely be a challenge, but my book is still very important. Thinking ahead, that will leave 37 chapters to edit for November/December. I can get some done over Christmas shutdown, maybe 2/day x 10 days at the most. I might not be able to finish the first editing this year. We'll see.    Result: Actually did pretty well with this and edited all 5 chapters. Typically I spent at least one weekend day working on it, in spite of everything I had going on.                                      

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