Monday, September 14, 2015

Monthly Goals #14

Well, at least we're not yet halfway through the month before goals are set! Maybe one of my goals should be being more timely with my goals.

The majority of the remainder of this month will be spent in Japan, so the goals take that into account.
  1. Participate in end-of-project-stage party with co-workers and even enjoy it. Result. Done, and had a great time with good conversations. This is how these kind of events can and should be.
  2. Ready Cherry by Mary Karr, who is one of my favorite memoirists. Result: 75% complete. This book wasn't nearly as good as the two others by her that I've read: The Liars' Club and Lit. I think in part because there weren't any great obstacles to be overcome in this book, so the story wasn't very engaging. I'm okay with not achieving this goal, as it turned out to not be as valuable as I thought it would be. 
  3. Listen to 10 more Manager Tools podcasts. I've already listened to almost as many this month but I'm not counting those. These are useful for helping me build a new skillset. Done. I listened to these on the way to work and while working out. They are very helpful in defining the 'how' of management, such as giving verbatim examples of how to have challenging conversations. This is a worthwhile activity to continue. 
  4. Go for one trail run after I get back from Japan. I'm planning on running the one I usually do in November this year. Result: Didn't happen. I was pretty jet-lagged the weekend I got back from Japan, and didn't feel like doing much more than yoga and walking. I'm glad I went to yoga, though. 
  5. Talk to my sister 1-2 more times on the phone, including one time while in Japan. My relationship with her is so important. Result: Done, including a long conversation in Japan about her life goals. I can't describe how wonderful it is to have this incredible person in my life.
  6. Send Introduction to my book to a couple of family members to review. This is the first time I will have shared any of my book, so it's a big step. Result: Not done. 
  7. I'm not going to have a lot of time to write during the rest of this month. My goal is to complete Book Proposal draft and edit three more chapters. Stretch goal is to edit five more chapters. Result: Book proposal draft still not complete. Stretch goal complete of editing 5 more chapters, for a total of 8/50. 
Reflection: Being in Japan for 10/15 days remaining in the month at the time I set these goals made it challenging to complete some of them. In the future, monthly goals need to be set in the beginning of the month to give enough time to achieve them. 

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