Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monthly Goals #13

1. Complete interview to the best of my ability on Tuesday. Somewhat as a surprise, an opportunity for a promotion at work has come up. I wasn't expecting it or planning on it, but after much consideration and encouragement I decided to apply. I'm not sure what the outcome will be, but I am at peace with either getting the position or continuing in my current one. I'm really trying to commit whatever happens to God. If I get the promotion, then it is for Him. If I don't get it, then it is also for Him that I will continue in my current role.
Result: Done. While I did OK with my portfolio, I don't think I did a good job of preparing for the questions. If I had to rate my performance, I'd give myself a 5.5 out of 10. Nothing exceptional. I've done a lot of reflecting on this, and have some strategies of how to do better next time. But, there may not be a next time - we'll have to wait and see if, despite not being my best performance, this was 'good enough.'

2. Complete Chapter Summary for book. I will have some time for this while traveling to Japan, but that's about it so I will need to plan to get it done on the flight and between flights. This will be a challenging goal to achieve, but I think it will help with ensuring I have a strong outline, and it is needed as part of my book proposal.
Result: Not done. I have, however, finished all of the raw content for the book. Each chapter is up to its targeted word count. Now what remains is:
  • Book Proposal (75% done)
  • Chapter Summary: (25% done).
  • Editing all 50 chapters (5% done)
It is so overwhelming. Each day's work brings me closer to being ready to pursue publishing, and that's, quite frankly, daunting. But my decision to do this has already been made. I don't need to have second doubts. Sharing my story is one of my life purposes.

3. Support the team during my Japan work trip.
Result. I think I did an OK job of this. I got done almost everything I was tasked with getting done, and helped others out a little. There was one night I stayed until 8 to support someone else's activity (admittedly, I needed some of the output from it, but I did help more than was expected). This helped improve the working relationship between myself and my Japanese counterparts, which was an unexpected but welcome benefit.

4. Enjoy a weekend with Tokyo with my husband, including a bike tour and dinner out. Make some memories. Don't stress, especially about eating. Just enjoy the time.
Result: We had such a good time. I enjoyed several wonderful meals with my husband, and discovered the delicious delicacy that is ramen. I'm seriously hooked on the stuff. Overall, experiencing Japan with my husband was an incredible experience and we made some lifelong memories.

5. Hike Mt. Fuji with my husband and coworkers. For real!
Result: This did not happen due to weather, but to be honest, I don't regret it much. Fuji isn't a particularly scenic hike. It would have been a good team-building experience and would have earned us some bragging rights, but neither was enough motivation to overcome the cold, wet weather forecast and sacrificing a night of sleep. As it was, my husband and I enjoyed the extra weekend in Tokyo instead. Lesson? It's OK to give up goals sometimes, as long as it is a conscious decision and the pros and cons are considered.

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