Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Report-Out: 2013 New Year's Goals


That one word sums up 2013 for me. In that word, there is awe, gratitude, and a touch of incredulity. I can hardly believe all that happened this year. Not everything on my goals list was achieved, but most of it was, and many good things that I did not planned happened as well.

To recap:

A Goals: Highly important goals. 
A1: Submit a draft of my book to a publisher.
Not done, but a lot of progress has been made on the draft. I'm beyond 100 pages now. The book has a structure (preface, parts, chapter structure, ending). What remains is to write individual stories, rearrange, and edit. I am also toying with the idea of self-publishing, which means I'll have to work on a means for promoting it myself as well - perhaps this blog might be an avenue for that.

A3: Draw closer to God.
Yes. I put a lot of time and effort in to getting to know my Maker. Music was a huge contributor to this, specifically the music of Hillsong United. Sometimes I felt like I was transported right into the presence of God - I think that is what worshiping does. I prayed more than I had, although as much as I want to. It is hard for me to put into words the depth of the love I have for Him. He not only completes me, but He starts me. His goodness and His grace absolutely overwhelm me. When the world is full of so much pain, so much suffering, including my own - I look to Him, and the questions fade into His light. Perhaps I am a bit mystical, but I feel as though I have experienced Him directly.

I love Him.

B Goals: Goals that are important, but not imperative.

B1: Take GMAT exams.
Nope. I'm undecided on this one. I feel like graduate school for me would have a pretty low ROI. I'm not going to spend my time and money on something unless it is worth it, and I'm not convinced it is (yet).

B2: Keep doing yoga 
Yes - not once a week, but probably about once a month. It's been good. I've been doing a lot to mix up different kinds of working out to try to stay injury-free. One fun new discovery: step-aerobics!

B3: Maintain important relationships. 
I believe I have - specifically, with my husband, older sisters, parents, nieces, nephews, and brother. In addition, I saw some old friends and extended family this year on a road trip I took in August. Still working on learning what healthy relationships look like.

B4: Be a reliable, responsible, and contributing team member at work.
I've received some acknowledgement for my work which has been reaffirming. This resulted in selection of my project to be presented at our North American engineering headquarters. From there, it was the top of 10 final selections to be presented at my company's global Japan! I got to spend almost a week there presenting my project. It was an amazing experience.

I also got the courage to improve my work situation. The work I was doing was heavily CAD-based, and while I can do design, I don't find it particularly fulfilling. Sitting for 10+ hours a day in front of a computer was draining in a unique way. But I loved the company, and wanted to stay with them, just in a different capacity. I applied for a permanent position that seemed a like a good fit, and after some negotiation, I accepted the job and began in September 2013. It turned out to be a terrific move.

C Goals: Goals that are not particularly critical, but would be neat things to do in 2013.

C1: Go hiking with my husband more.
Done - I have to say, I have never regretted going on a hike. Not only is it great exercise, I treasure the time alone with my amazing husband.

C2: Take a trip to my childhood homes in Maryland. 
 Done, and what an experience it was. I found what I was looking for - closure. Those homes were interesting to me, but they did not elicit strong emotional responses. I saw them with the clear eyes of an adult, not the child who was confined to them like I once was.

C3: Consider what kind of master's degree to pursue and research possible schools.
I'm unsure about this one. I only want to pursue a master's degree if it has a purpose, not just for the sake of obtaining one. I've decided not to pursue it until I am closer to finishing my book. That is more of a priority at this time in my life.

C4: Remember and acknowledge more birthdays.   
Eh, didn't do so well on this one.

C5: Keep maintaining A Running Tally. 

To follow up the "wow"....I must say, Thank You. What a year.