Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Race Before the Real Race

As part of my sprint triathlon training plan, I wanted to run a 5k race to practice running that distance in a race environment before the actual event. Granted, it will be a different experience completing the 5k on race day after having swam 0.5 miles and biked 17 miles. But, it's as close as I can get without doing a rehearsal sprint tri before the actual event.

The race was good. The course was hilly and it was considerably humid even that early in the morning. Despite this, I did PR at under 26 min.  Hooray! It was a nice confirmation that the shorter but more intense running sessions I have been having for the sprint tri training are working. My body seems to respond better to that type of workout than to sloughing through 10+ mile half-marathon training sessions I did in the past. It's a different type of training for a different type of race, of course, but it is neat to see that my legs can run faster under different circumstances. I was really exhausted during their last mile though and ran it a few seconds' slower than the first two. I finished 6th out of my age group of 31 women and in the top 25% overall of 500 people.

Other than the PR, I also got a sweet race shirt and a door prize of a Moe's gift certificate. A good race indeed.

I have consided doing a practice sprint tri but I probably won't. For one it will take some time to recover from - time that might be better spent training on the individual events. There's only one weekend between this one and race weekend. Also, the pool-to-bike logistics are a little challenging. Finally, I don't think that a full rehearsal will make much of a difference in my time during the actual event. It falls into the "would be nice but not necessary" category. Or, in other words,"Ain't nobody got time for that!"