Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly Goals #11

Report out on last week's goals:

1.  Don't go to the grocery store until next weekend.

Result: Done. I went to the dollar store after work on Friday and picked up some pretzels and salsa, but that doesn't count in my book (I like my book, it's an easy read). It got a little low at the end on groceries, but not bad at all. It encouraged me to finish up stuff that had already been purchased.

2.   Swim, bike, and run at least 1x each ( sprint tri distances...0.5 miles, 17 miles, and 3 miles, respectively). I am considering running an actual 5k race for the run.

Result: done, with personal records for two of them! I swam the half mile in 25 minutes, which is a big improvement considering that my fastest prior time was 27:30. I attribute the speedier strokes from some tips I looked up 15 minutes prior to swimming. They obviously made a significant difference. It is still not a fast time by any means, but for me, it's a great improvement!

The biking was actually a spinning class on Thursday. I had intended to go on a bike ride today, but my legs were sore after yesterday's 5k, so I nixed that idea.

Speaking of 5k, that's how I got my run in this week, with the sweet bonus of an unexpected PR of 25:48. Yeah! Again, nowhere near the fast zone, but an improvement for me, and that really is what counts for this amateur athlete.

3.  Go to one yoga class. I have not been in a few weeks and I miss it.

Result: Just barely fit it in to this week, but done. Those few weeks off were definitely felt as I struggled with some basic poses. Part of it was being tired still from the 5k, but most of it was being out of yoga-shape. I felt great although tired when it was over. Yoga is good stuff. I am looking forward to doing it more once the triathlon is over.

4. Call my old retirement account and close it for good.

Result: done on Tuesday, with (bonus) a check coming my way. 

5. Write back to my grandma. 

Result: not done or even started. For a moment I considered using the excuse of not having any good stationery but realized that was a pretty sad excuse. I just didn't do it.

6.  Plant tomato plants outside. 

Result: did it just a couple of hours ago, but they are all planted. I probably wouldn't have done it if I had not written it down here. 

7. Eat lunch with coworkers at least 2 of the 4 times this week. 

Result: done.

8.  Get a head start in assignments that will be due in the next couple of weeks.

Result: done. I was able to help another coworker with his workload too, which was good. I will still be swamped as the next deadline approaches, but I did what I could this week to get a head start.

9. Remember to stop and pray occasionally. Make it a conscious effort, and eventually it will become a subconscious habit.

Result: not good. Why is prayer so hard to start? I hope as I do it more, it becomes a more instinctive reaction. A habit.