Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Goals #12

1.  Write and mail letter to my grandma.  Report: Done! Writing it down here really helped to motivate me to do it.

2.  Get large cup of water every lunch time at work and finish it by the time I leave for the day.   Report: I believe I did this about 3 of the 5 days.

3.  Finish painting living room wall.  Report: Nope. Still not painted

4.  Get new shower curtain. (I need to just do this so I am writing this down).  Report: I refreshed our existing one with a good wash with bleach. Looks as good as new (almost).

5.  Listen to 4 TED talks and 1 Ravi Zacharias podcast.    Report: Done, plus some extra RZ talks. I really respect him. I got to hear him speak at my college once before. He's one of the best Christian apologists I know of.

6. Go on one trail run. The sprint tri run portion will be on dirt, so I would like to practice. Plus, trail runs are great and they kick my butt.   Report:  Err, sort of but not really. I did a regular run but tried to run on the grass more.

7. Go on one 18+ mile bike ride outside.  Report: I think it was 14 miles, but that was OK.

8. Be good to myself, especially this weekend. I will probably be working a lot t his week, and want to make sure I don't allow the stress to wear me down. This is kind of a vague goal, but I know how I feel when I am kind to my body and mind.  Report:  It was a good week :)

9. Go to church either Friday or Sunday. It has been a choppier of weeks since I have gone and I miss it.  Report: I didn't go.  Sigh. Not really any great excuse, other than I just didn't feel like it.