Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mid-Year 2012 New Year's Goals Report Out

 It is important to evaluate progress toward goals at regular intervals. Here is my belated mid year report on how I'm progressing.

  1. Run a sub-55 minute 10k:  Due to running injury, I won't be achieving this this year.
  2. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon: See #1.
  3. Design, prototype, and test my running apparatus idea: Not done, but I don't know if I want to do this anymore.
  4. Continue improving eating habits: This feels like it is 2 steps forward and one step back at times. Still, I think overall there is progress.
  5. Support my husband through the end of his 2nd year of law school, whatever summer work he ends up doing, and the beginning of his 3rd year of law school: Hopefully I am doing this. He is doing great.
  6. Write at least 150 blog posts: Only about 20 so far.
  7. Write at least 50 pages of memoir: I have written about 5 pages, so have a ways to go.
  8. Between the two of us, save at minimum the equivalent of half of my 2011 salary: We will most likely achieve this goal this year.
  9. Draw closer to God. Pray for at least 5 minutes/day on average. This is a hard one to quantify. I'm making some progress, but not nearly as much as I should/am capable of.
B goals:
  1. Take week-long finance course at work  N/A. Got on the wait-list 2x for this, didn't get in the class.
  2. Execute another Six Sigma project at work N/A to an extent due to job change.
  3. Learn more about mold design and manufacturing. Done. Went to a trade show and read literature, prototyped some new mold designs.
  4. Finish painting our living room ceiling Done!
  5. Explore where we want to live after Shane graduates Mostly done. We have talked and our order of preference is: Lexington, KY; Knoxville, TN; Louisville, KY, Winston-Salem, NC; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Charlotte, NC; and Cincinnati, OH.
  6. Tighten ties with family and good friends A work in progress
C goals:
  1. Grow a small vegetable garden on my patio: In progress. Very dry summer, so not very successful but I have enjoyed at least 20 cherry tomatoes this season so far.
  2. Try running with a running group. Just once. Probably will hold off on this due to running injury.
  3. Try a yoga class. Done-numerous times! And PIYO (Pilates + Yoga), Zumba, weight-lifting, and a boot-camp style class, too! It has been the year of the class.
  4. Cook more and experiment with new recipes. So-so. Haven't really tried many new recipes (although did make guacamole for the first time last night).