Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Very Belated New Year's Goals Post

This year, I started making my New Year's Goals early-December 22nd. However, it has taken until January 9th to finish them.

We all have limited resources. Our time is limited. Instead of spreading myself in multiple directions chasing many goals this year, I've chosen to focus on the few that will provide the most bang for my buck. Here they are.

A Goals: Highly important goals. If I only accomplished these, it would be a good year.

A1: Submit a draft of my book to a publisher.
I have been working off-and-on on my memoirs, and I would like to finish soon before too much time goes by. I have wanted to do this for a very long time, as I think I have an interesting story to tell.

A2: Draw closer to God.
Normally I prefer more specific goals, but this one is difficult to measure. However, there are things I can do that will nourish my spiritual life and bring me closer to Him. This will be a critical key to achieving goal A1, too.

B Goals: Goals that are important, but not imperative.

B1: Take GMAT exams.
I most likely won't be going to grad school this year, but I would like to have the option available to me next year. The scores are good for five years, and I think that I will most likely want to start working on a master's degree within that time frame.

B2: Keep doing yoga 
Maybe 1x a week at least?

B3: Maintain important relationships. 
As I get older the more I realize the importance of my "happy few" and how much they enrich my life.

B4: Be a reliable, responsible, and contributing team member at work.
I want people to be able to count on me to get things done well. I also want to be respected for my skill level, competence, and character.

C Goals: Goals that are not particularly critical, but would be neat things to do in 2013.

C1: Go hiking with my husband more. This is an activity we both really enjoy doing together, and is both good exercise and connection time with each other.

C2: Take a trip to my childhood homes in Maryland. May help with goal A1.

C3: Consider what kind of master's degree to pursue and research possible schools.

C4: Remember and acknowledge more birthdays. 

C5: Keep maintaining A Running Tally. I've really enjoyed creating and contributing to this site. 

It's going to be a good year. I'm not sure all that it will bring, but I think that I am ready and willing to take it on.