Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 Reflection

2012 will go down in history as another year the world did not end. For me, it was a year of progress and beginnings.

Although I did not achieve all of the things I had wanted to at the start of the year, it was still a year of maintaining and starting good things. I want to reflect on some of those positive aspects of the year.

I kept asking questions until I figured out what was causing my hip pain. It took an MRI, but I finally learned that it was a partial gluteus medius tear. Recovery has been slow. I have gone from running 25+ miles per week to >10.  Because I have to use my butt muscles just in daily activities, I'm essentially "picking at the scab" and it will take some time to heal. But it will heal. There are things I can do to help it along, such as not injuring it further (hence the reduction in long distance running) and strengthening muscles around it (yoga, weight training).

I took a leap and got a job working for a company that I admire. After almost three years of working for my previous company, I was proficient at my job and there was even talk of a promotion to management. However, the culture at that particular company location did not reflect the core values that I have, and it was in an industry where I did not see a future. I began to actively pursue other job opportunities, and eventually was contacted by one of the companies that I have admired most. I seized the opportunity to work for them, and I am very glad that I did. It was a huge risk to leave a secure job to work as a long-term contractor for this company, but it wasn't reckless and was a good decision, both financially and professionally. I've had to learn a completely new set of skills, but have found a culture of excellence and continuous improvement that resonates with my personal values.  

I continued to maintain A Running Tally.  Although this blog/website was originally created to primarily chronicle my running progress, it adapted along with me and expanded to include wellness and continuous personal improvement. I began to honor my body and find my identity beyond being a runner, as described in this post.

I finished another year of coordinating the church nursery schedule. It was challenging at times, and sometimes I wanted to quit, but I stuck with it because I believe it is important to serve in some capacity. I've gotten to know some pretty neat kids this year.

Yoga has become part of my exercise routine. I tried my first class in March 2012, and have enjoyed it frequently since then.

I tried going to a chiropractor.  I only went twice, as I didn't really care for it and will likely not go again, but it was something different and I was willing to give it a shot. It was useful in that I learned from the x-rays that that I have an unusual neck condition that I should keep an eye on.

I tried a bunch of group fitness classes. Classes from Zumba to PiYo to Turbo Kick to Calorie Crusher . I have learned so much from them-especially proper form from the instructors. I expect group classes will continue to be part of my exercise program in 2013.

I helped to plan and host a weekend get-together with my mom and sisters. We had a blast and made some great memories.

I developed a deeper love for God. The more evil I see in the world, the more I desperately want the source of all good things. His comfort and love has been a constant presence in my life. The more I reflect, the more I see how He was with me throughout every part of my journey. I am but human and imperfect in my love, but I am learning from the One who loves me perfectly.

It was a good year. I hope to take the lessons I learned from this year and apply them toward 2013.