Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Goals: Final Report Out

2012 has been a good year in my life. While I did not accomplish many of the goals I set out for myself (see original 2012 goals post), as I look at the year in review, I can say that some very positive things were accomplished. Some of the goals that I did not meet are ones that are no longer important to me, or could not be achieve due to events out of my control (like my muscle injury). Others are important, and I need to try to understand why I did not meet them, if I want to keep/modify them for 2013, and if so, what I can do to be mores successful at reaching them this year.

This is a both a yearly report-out and a reflection on 2012. I'm so grateful to have experienced this year of life, and I look forward to the next one.

2012 'A' goals:
  1. Run a sub-55 minute 10k. Not achieved due to a decision to reduce running to allow my body to heal from a repetitive stress injury. I am OK with not achieving this goal. It was more important to me to reduce my running to allow my body to recover.
  2. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon. Not achieved due to same reasons.
  3. Design, prototype, and test my running apparatus idea. Not achieved. I am not sure how I feel about not doing this, except that it doesn't seem as important to me right now. If I were to re-do this goal, I probably would make it a B or C level goal.
  4. Continue improving eating habits. Some progress, but not as much as I was capable of. It made me realize just how important my health is to me, and how critical it is to treat my body well. More on this in 2013 goals, but it is going to be a higher priority for me this year.
  5. Support my husband through the end of his 2nd year of law school, whatever summer work he ends up doing, and the beginning of his 3rd year of law school. Done, and I'm proud of all he's accomplished. He got a good government job for the summer that continues part-time until he graduates this May. I think he would agree that I have given him a good amount of support and understanding when it comes to school and work and his goals.
  6. Write at least 150 blog posts. Not done, but I am OK with it. My blog has changed some since I started it back in November of 2012, in part because of my running injury. I had originally intended for it to be a chronicling of my running training with other aspects of my life thrown in, but it has developed into more of a chronicling of continuous improvement which includes some running and a lot of other activities. The volume of posts is not a high priority for me anymore-I would rather take the time to write fewer, hopefully high-quality posts.I finished this year having written about 40 posts.
  7. Write at least 50 pages of memoir. 80% done. I was only 25 pages in before Christmas break, but used some of the time to crank out another 15 pages. I think this will be a bigger part of my 2013 goals.
  8. Between the two of us, save at minimum the equivalent of half of my 2011 salary. Done. A job change resulted in a significant pay increase which helped with this. Plus, we did not spend much money this year. Our biggest purchase was a new bed, which we got only after a few months of trying to put off buying it. Turns out that a good bed is a pretty nice thing to have.
  9. Draw closer to God. Pray for at least 5 minutes/day on average (have to start somewhere). I think that I have drawn closer to God this year. I recognize His presence and love in my life more.  As for praying, I did this off and on, but not with much consistency. Drawing close to my Maker should be the number #1 goal in my life, and some times it is. Those times need to be more frequent. There are two things that have helped me spiritually. One is being able to listen to encouraging and worshipful music while at work. I could not listen to music at my previous job, but started in July I have been able at my new job which requires more computer work. It's been very good for my soul. The other thing that has helped was that I began seeing a counselor toward the end of October 2012. Even after just 5 sessions, I can tell that it is helping me to become healthier and whole and has encouraged me in my faith. This is a very important lifelong goal, and one that I will be continuing in 2013.
2012 'B' goals:
  1. Take week-long finance course at work. Not done, but OK with it. I tried to get into a course, but it had filled up already. I was registered for the next course, but I left that job before I could take it. OK with not meeting goal.
  2. Execute another Six Sigma project at work. In progress. My current job is less manufacturing oriented, but I've found some areas where I can apply six sigma techniques.
  3. Learn more about mold design and manufacturing. Done, although in July I switched gears completely to work with metal stamping, which I definitely prefer to rubber molding. It was a good career move, and I'm very glad I switched industries.
  4. Finish painting our living room ceiling: Done!
  5. Explore where we want to live after Shane graduates. Done. We have narrowed the list to the following in order of preference:  Greater Lexington region, Knoxville, Winston-Salem, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and Cincinnati.
  6. Tighten ties with family and good friends. I think several key relationships have gotten closer (my husband, parents, brother, older sisters, and some of my nieces and nephews). I've focused my time and energy on these important relationships, and it has been are very much worth the investment. It's definitely been worth it.
2012 'C' goals:
  1. Grow a small vegetable garden on my patio. Done, and enjoyed a rather bountiful harvest of low-maintenance cherry tomatoes. I don't think I'll do it again this year, but it was fun.
  2. Try running with a running group. Just once. Nope, but OK with it.
  3. Try a yoga class. Done! And Turbo Kick, and PiYo Strength, and Calorie Crusher, and Urban Iron, and Total Body Conditioning, and Zumba! 2012 has been the year of the group fitness class as I experiment with workouts other than running. It has been a blast, and I've really enjoyed adding new activities to my workout repertoire. I have benefited greatly from yoga, and plan on doing more of it in 2013. 
  4. Cook more and experiment with new recipes. Done. I think I will probably be doing not as much of this in 2013, though. I enjoy cooking, but there are other goals that I would rather spend the time on at this time.
Overall, I feel a sense of accomplishment with 2012. There were some goals I could have made more progress with, and I recognize that. I hope to take the lessons learned from not accomplishing as much as I could have with some of the goals and apply them to 2013.

One of the things I have learned is that quality over quantity is important. Some of the A goals didn't need to be that high of a priority, and I think that fewer goals overall would have been a good idea. Therefore, I will have fewer A goals in 2013, and that category will be reserved for the ones that are of extreme importance to me. I might consider C goals to not even be goals at all, but rather things that might be neat to do, but not necessary at all.

Life has a way of throwing unexpected stuff at us too. Dealing with the running injury and the job change required me to adapt and change how I looked at some of my goals, and even whether or not I pursued them.

It was a good year. By God's grace, I hope 2013 will be even better.