Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Reflection

Looking Back--Goals Set for 2010 with Comments

2010 Goals (as written in journal, comments in italics)

-Become a more Christ-like person, esp. in regards to treating everyone with kindness, regardless of how they treat me.
Well, this is a continual work in progress! I can say that in the past year, I have been less focused on myself and my needs and more able to relate to other people and their needs. As far as kindness--that starts in the heart, and I need some work on that there. I think I am outwardly generally kind, but I can be very critical of others in my heart.

-Improve my eating habits. Try new foods, cook new recipes.

Eating habits have definitely improved. Haven't tried to many new foods, but have established some favorites!

-Run a 10k race
Check-done! September 2010--ran it in 1 hour and 30 seconds.

-Improve strength through weights, etc. Build more lean muscle mass
I started doing more weights and strength training for the first half of the year. I really prefer cardio, so I have not been keeping up with the strength training as much. Plus, I'd rather spend my exercise time on cardio where the results are more measurable to me (i.e. speed, distance, etc). But, strength training is important too, will have to figure out how much to fit in in 2011.

-Try spinning, yoga, and kickboxing.

I went to spinning at the gym a few times and really enjoyed it. Still haven't done a more traditional group class setting yet! I wonder if yoga improves strength, or just flexibility. I think I would prefer it to weight lifting as a strength training method, if it helped it.

-Strengthen relationships w/friends in small group Bible Study.

Really fell off course with this. Due to unforeseen events, our small group disbanded after the leader/host decided to leave the church for another one in Lexington. We initially wanted to try to keep it going, but it faded out and we never started going to one again. This is a big goal for 2011.

-Become more participatory in church service
I would say I have become more participatory. At least once a month, I am on nursery duty during the church service, which I enjoy. About 4 times a year I do a bread pick-up. There may be room for me to serve elsewhere, too.

-See my brother a few times (at least)
I did see him once for his birthday in July, and again when he came down with our father to visit in the fall. May see him again before the year is over, not sure.

-Be a part of my nieces' lives
It has been a joy to be part of their lives and to watch them grow up (so fast!). They are both special girls and I'm lucky to be their aunt. I think my place in their lives is pretty cemented by now!

-Learn about football-the rules, etc. It is a big part of life in Kentucky.

This is the first goal that I didn't accomplish that I also don't feel too bad about. One of these days...

-Make a dent in student loans

Yes! Paid off the government loan entirely this year. Just have the private bank loan left. This means that about half of my student loans have been repaid. A very good feeling. Might be able to knock it all out next year?

-Become very competent at my job

It has been great, and it challenges me constantly and meeting those challenges is empowering. I've learned a lot and I know I will continue to do so in 2011.

-Make new contacts and friends

I have made a number of work friends in 2010, and have hung out with them quite a few times. I think I have done well here, although there is room for improvement. I would also like to make more friends at church in 2010, not just work.

-Soak in all that I can about work and people

I have learned a loooot about the work environment and people in general---enough for a whole other blog post.

-Set 15 min aside (at least) every day for spiritual growth thru prayer and Bible reading.
Ouch-not fun to end this on a downer, but I haven't done this consistently. The "every day" commitment is a hard one. May need to revise into not what I think I "should" do, but into what is a reasonable goal that I can achieve. The more realistic the goal, the better the chance of achieving it.