Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Goals #8: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving plans have changed a bit for me this year. After a death in the family this past weekend, I'll be heading down to my folks' in South Carolina instead of to my husband's family in Arkansas. I'm sad for the circumstances, but also glad to get to see my family, too.

Goal #1: Walk/run at least 10,000 steps/day Sunday and Wednesday-Saturday. I've found that this can be very challenging to do on days that I work, as my job is very sedentary. It is still do-able, but usually requires time at the gym, which doesn't work out every day. However, there are a few non-work days with the holiday this week, and so I want to hit this goal on those days. I've already logged 11,000 steps today, so I'm off to a good start.

On days that I travel to and from SC, I will probably need to either get some walking time in the morning before leaving, or stop during the trip (or a combination of both). 

During the two days there, I can usually count on one or both of my parents to accompany on a walk, which results in both good exercise and quality time.

Report Out:  Done! Even managed to get the steps the other days of the week as well. The tally is as follows:

Sunday 10k
Monday 11k
Tuesday 9.8k
Wednesday 10k
Thursday 10k
Friday 14k
Saturday 10k
Sunday 10k

Goal #2: Read one of the two books my counselor loaned to me. One is about making the most out of the life one's been given, and the other is about dealing with difficult people. Both look like good reads.

Report Out: I am half way through the one about dealing with difficult people, and I've already been able to apply some of the concepts. The book is called "Who's Pushing Your Buttons?: Handling the Difficult People in Your Life" by Dr. John Townsend (same guy who co-authored Boundaries with Dr. Henry Cloud.

One of the concepts that stuck with me is the reminder to examine how I might be contributing to the overall problem, be it by tolerating or even enabling the behavior. Although I can't control how others act toward me, I do get to choose and own my response.

Goal #3: Be good about eating over the holidays. I know what this means for me, and holidays can be difficult because they are deviations from the usual.

Report out: I did pretty well. I didn't eat too excessively and really tried to take my time and enjoy the food I ate. I didn't panic too much about eating foods that were outside my comfort zone (i.e cheesecake, cinnamon bun, stuffing and mashed potatoes).

Goal #4: Stay calm and be professional at work no matter what arises. I was talking to my counselor today about how someone at work made me "feel" a certain way, and she stopped me. "No one can make you feel anything-you have to decide to take that on yourself", she said.  No matter what circumstances arise, I have the ability to control my reaction to them. I need to remember that.

Report out: I did get mad once at the IT guy because I perceived him as not caring about the excessively slow network speeds we've all been dealing with for the past two weeks. I'm sure I was visibly upset, but didn't say anything I regret (I just asked him to help me understand why it took more than two weeks to address a problem that was affecting productivity and costing the company money in lost man-hours every day). It would have been better for me to focus less on my perception of his attitude and more on what was or wasn't being done to solve the problem.

Other than that incident, I think I am making progress in being calmer. Even when the reason I am upset is justified, I don't want the message of my response to get lost in emotions like frustration and anger when I am addressing it with others. This is nearly a daily battle for me, as I can get hot-headed about things that I care about. But work is work, and I am a professional and want to behave as such in all circumstances.

Goal #5:  Enjoy the holiday. Be with family. Love.  Because life really is short.

Report out:  I really enjoyed seeing some of my family and spending time with them. It was good to be with my mom, especially. I was sad to see her grief, but I needed to be with her.