Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly Goals #7: Tough Week

I'm not very impressed the goals progress this week, but on my behalf it was a tough week. I was "surprised" Monday evening with the news that I would be presenting to the VP of engineering on Thursday on a study I had been working on. It was a great opportunity that required some extra effort. The long days at the office and the added stress were challenging, but I survived it, and the presentation went reasonably well. I had to adapt my thought process for the week though, and didn't have as much extra time.

#1) Get up earlier (6-ish) every work day and go to the gym (should be able to do 30 minutes at gym). This is such a good way to start the day, and helps if I can't work out in the evenings, which I haven't been doing much of lately. Mid-day walks would be good as well, when I can fit them in. I would like to start getting in the habit of working out in the mornings again. It's great to start the day off by accomplishing something first thing.
Report out: I did this only on Monday It is a good goal, but last week was not a good week to try to achieve it. I needed that extra half hour of sleep more than I needed to go to the gym, or at least I think I did. The weather wasn't great for lunch time walks, and I worked a lot of late nights, which meant that I didn't work out again until Thursday-yikes. I think that working out in the mornings is ultimately what I want to do more regularly, but last week was not the week to do it. I'm sort-of-OK with not reaching this goal. At least it was a conscious decision.

#2) Write at least one page of memoir this week. Someone this week told me that my story would make an interesting and/or inspiring read. I've on-and-off written a few pages here and there, but really want to work more consistently on it. As time goes on, my memories may become not as sharp and clear. I want to speak my truth as well as I can.
Report out: Done. I wrote mostly dialogue, which takes up a lot of space for not-so-many-words, but it still counts.