Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Goals #6: Go Get 'Em

1. No more than 1 can diet soda per day. Last week I struggled with this-one day I had about 40 ounces of diet soda over the course of the day. It makes me jittery and bloated, and less likely to drink the actual water my body needs.
Report out: Done, although on Friday, I had a 20 oz bottle instead of a can, and had some Sprite Zero in the evening.

2. Go to one yoga class. It has been a couple of week since I've gone to one, and I miss it. Plus I haven't been doing much for strength training lately.
Report out:  Done-went for 40 minutes on Wednesday. The class was an hour and I left early because I was bored/tired (not the best of reasons, but true).

3. Avoid snacking on chocolate candy at work. I've been doing this a little mindlessly lately and would benefit from healthier choices. I'm not eliminating all candy though--I will still probably enjoy the occasional atomic fireball.
Report out: Had one piece of a chocolate covered stick that a co-worker brought back from Japan. I honestly forgot about my goal until after I ate it. Other than that, I did eat any. I have to admit I wasn't very tempted though-there wasn't anything other than 3 Musketeers available.

 4. Do a bang-up job of delivering results of simulation study at work. I want to ace this assignment.
Report out: I stayed until 6:30 on Monday to write up the results, and I think I did a good job. The results themselves were inconclusive, so I'm going to continue the study when I have down-time.

5. Pray/meditate for five minutes every morning. This seems like such a good way to start the day, and I want to give it a try. Plus, I need to reconnect with God--been putting Him on the back-burner lately, and it's no good.
Report out: Done on the weekdays. I used the time while the coffee was brewing in the morning to sit and pray and just be still. It was good to reflect and ask for guidance for the day ahead.