Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekly Goals #5: Short and Sweet

1. Identify project out work that is outside of my normal job responsibilities, and begin to figure out how to solve it. I have now been in this new job for more than two months, and while I have much to continue learning, I am ready to start contributing.
Report out:  Sort of done. I volunteered to work on a simulation study that wasn't "necessary" but I think could be very helpful. It is in addition to my needed job duties.

2. Take fish oil, multivitamin, and calcium chews every day. I usually take them sporadically, but want to take them more regularly. I've packed a day's worth into multiple small plastic bags to make it easier to grab a pack.
Report out: Done. Can't say I feel different, but I know they are good for me.

3. Write notes/emails to at least two people I don't talk to regularly.I am not typically good at staying in touch with people, and I want to be.
Report out: Done-including a phone conversation with my grandma and my friend Katie. I am notoriously inept at keeping in touch with people, so this is good progress.