Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Goals #4: I'm Back

Just six goals this week. And they are:

1. Buy nothing at work except max of 1 cup of coffee and cup of hot water for tea per day. While I almost always bring my lunch to work, I do occasionally purchase less-than-healthy and expensive sodas and snacks from the vending machines. Coffee is relatively cheap (70 cents) and I'm OK health and money-wise with getting a cup a day. 

Report out: Done--I came very close to caving and buying a snack one day and a soda another day, but did not and and am glad for avoiding the unnecessary $2.00
2. Drink two bottles of water at work every day. I've been doing better with this, and want to keep it up.

Report out: Done 3/4 days. On Thursday, I had one bottle in the morning but then drank diet soda that I had brought all afternoon. Doesn't count.
3. Read Bible for min of 5 minutes/day. I've struggled with this goal in the past when I attached prayer time to it. I'm going to go back to solidifying this habit first. 

Report out: 2 out of 7 days. I am still struggling with this, mostly because of laziness which is not a good reason at all. I always have time for at least a few minutes of reading before bed. 

4. Send IRA paperwork in. Good grief, I need to finish this!

Report out: Report: Done-Mailed Friday. 

5. Make appointment for Lasik eye surgery evaluation. My contacts have been getting increasingly uncomfortable and I've gone through more than 10 monthly lenses for each eye already this year. 

Report out:  Done! My consultation appointment is this Thursday at 2:15 pm and lasts three hours. I have to wear glasses all day starting tomorrow, which will be somewhat of a challenge as they are old and my vision won't be as good as it is with contacts. But this is important to me, and I would like to find out if I am a candidate for Lasik or another similar corrective vision surgery.

6. Finish typing up notes from premarital counseling. This is part of my push to get organized and to have electronic versions of important notes and memories. 
Report out: I typed up a couple of pages but am nowhere near finished. This was not an important goal to meet this week, so I'm not too concerned with not meeting it.