Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekly Goals #3: Ambitious

This week was a difficult one in terms of accomplishing the goals I set out for myself at the beginning. I got sick with a head cold, which caused me to change gears and interfered with some of the goals. Others I did not meet because of bad planning and/or laziness. I am OK with having adjusted some of my goals due to being sick, but there is definitely room for improvement for the goals that had no good reason for not being met.

1. Drink at least (2) 20 oz bottles of water at work each day.  I generally do not drink enough water
Report out: This was done (I think). On Friday, I'm not positive that I had the full second bottle, but I think I didn't. I just don't remember. Probably should drink more water.

2. Be in bed and ready to sleep (eyes closed!) by 10 pm at the latest on every work night. Just a good idea.
Report out: Did not accomplish. I got to bed at 9:55 on Monday night, and had to choose between this goal and Goal #6. I chose Goal #6, which was a good choice, but it would have been better if I had not put myself in an either/or situation to begin with. Once I realized I wasn't going to have a perfect record of meeting this goal, I pretty much gave up for the rest of the week. Classic perfectionist attitude.

3. Walk for at least 15 minutes during lunch break 3/5 days this week. The weather has cooled down considerably. I did this today, and found that I had more energy to get through the afternoon (even without a soda...see side note below)
Report out: Did 2/5 days (Monday and Tuesday). On Wednesday, I had an hour long lunch meeting (ugh), and I don't remember why I didn't walk on Thursday. On Friday I chose to work through lunch to get a project done. I think this is a goal worth continuing to shoot for.

4. Work out for at least 60 minutes/day at least 5/7 days this week.  Given that my injury has been acting up again, I'm reducing this from the 6 days/week of last week to five. So far this week, I ran/walked for 30 minutes before work, walked 15 minutes at lunch time, and did a 1 hour yoga class after work.
Report out: I think I ended up at 4/7 days. It was a conscious decision not to meet this goal, because on Tuesday I came down with a bad head cold. When I am sick and work out hard, it seems to delay my recovery. Not to mention that not being able to breathe well makes it very difficult to get a good workout. To honor my body and help it recover, I chose to not work out as much as I would have liked to. However, I did go for a run and a walk on Saturday and a bike ride today, both very gentle.

5. Read Bible for 5 minutes/pray for 1 minute each day.  Let's try this again.
Report out: I did not even come close to accomplishing this goal. I did Monday, and that was it for the entire week. I'm not sure why I am struggling with it so much, although I think waiting until the end of the day has something to do with it. You would think that setting aside 6 minutes for something as important as this would be easy, but I have been very lazy about it. Not good. 

6. Meet one new person at work. Just one. This shy self can do it.
Report out: Done! Two people actually. Stephen and Nick.

7. Paint the patched bathroom wall. Doggone it, I will finish it!
Report out: Done, albeit last minute! It looks good.

8. Get up before work at least 2x this week to work out. One day done so far-a run/walk at 6:10 am. Felt very good to have something accomplished before 7 am.
Report out: Only 1/2 days (went for a jog/walk Monday morning). I did find that I had increased energy through the day, but due to getting sick, I did not do it again this week. 

9. Make a conscious effort to avoid engaging in negative conversation about people behind their backs. I struggle with this sometimes, especially at work when it can seem like there is nothing else interesting to talk about (which in itself is rather sad). I need to disengage myself from conversations or change the subject when they start going down those roads. It's not professional, it's not nice, and it is not Christ-like. I want to be "beyond reproach".
Report out: This is a difficult one to quantify, but I do remember feeling more aware of what I was talking about during conversations, and making an effort to be positive about people. I still have a ways to go here, but some incremental progress was made.

10. Do something fun with my husband this weekend. This is an easy goal! I realized I didn't get much time with him last weekend, and want to be sure we do something together this weekend. I like the guy :)
Report out: We went on errands together Saturday morning, and a wedding shower. He came with me to help with the church nursery today. Not necessarily "fun" things, but made better because we were together. I spent a lot of time sleeping trying to get rid of this cold, and he had a lot of studying to do.

On a side note, recall the "No more than three diet sodas" goal from last week. Today, I found myself wanting a soda. I thought to myself: Hmm, no soda goal this week...I can do what I want!" I grabbed a dollar and a quarter and headed downstairs to the vending machine to get my Dew fix. Somehow I had forgotten that sodas are actually $1.35. Being ten cents short, I trudged back up to my desk...and stayed there, sans soda. I finished the work day without my fix and found that I didn't really need or maybe even want it after all. Interesting. Also, I was $1.35 richer.