Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekly Goals #2

1. Work out 6 days this week, for a minimum of 50 minutes each time. This is a goal from last week with the 50 minute part added on. One day down already-- 60 minutes of Calorie Crusher! It was a lot of fun with a packed class for Labor Day
Report: Did 5/6 days. I was feeling a little sore Friday and just wanted to relax, so I took it off (in retrospect, I wish I had done something that day). On Sunday, my gluteus injury was really hurting and I honestly needed to take the day off. The other days:
  • M-All-American Calorie Crusher! (70 min, special event)
  • T-1.5 mile run + 2.0 mile walk (50 min)
  • W-20 min on elliptical stepper and 60 min yoga
  • Th-Turbo Kick (55 min)
  • F-Off
  • Sa-30 min elliptical, 50 min spin class (20 miles, 375 cal), 15 min walk/jog
  • Su-Off          
         I would give myself a solid B+ on this goal. The injury flare-up made it challenging.

2. No more than 3 12-ounce cans of diet soda for the entire week. I really would like to reduce the amount of soda I consume-it provides nearly no nutrition and almost always leaves me feeling bloated.
Report: Done! I came very close to buying one at church for a meeting yesterday (yes, my church has a vending machine), but I thought of this goal and how much I wanted to be able to say I did it, and so I passed on the soda.

3. Read Bible for 5 minutes + pray for 1 minute each day. I know this doesn't seem like much, but I am beginning to form the habit and find it is easier to get started if it doesn't seem overwhelming.
Report: 4/7 days for Bible, 2/7 days for praying. I didn't do very well on this goal, and will be repeating this goal this week. Putting it off until the end of the day might have something to do with my lack of success.

4, Continue to have lunch with coworkers at least 3/4 times this week. This is the same # of times as last week, but with greater frequency due to the shorter work week.
Report: Done! And on the other day, I went out to grab a sub with a coworker (see #6....special occasion). I think 3/5 days is a good goal for next week and possible most weeks. 

5. Learn six new Catia tricks at work Last week, I tasked myself with learning five and only learned one. This week, I'm adding another!
Report: Done! Just barely fit the last one in on Friday afternoon. They were:
  • Tip #1: Hide everything in tree except element of interest, then right click on element.
    Select “Show Parents”. In window that comes up, right click on and show parents. This makes it easier to concentrate on an area to fix.  
  • Tip #2: Isoparameters-a very quick and useful way to create geometry from existing features.
  • Tip #3: Extrapolating points into lines. I knew I could do with lines into surfaces, but didn't know about points.
  • Tip #4: Right click, select “center graph” to show element in tree (I have used this multiple times since learning it--it is a huge time-saver.
  • Tip #5: Creating formula-base constraints  
  • Tip #6: Surface connection checker.  More investigation of this powerful tool is needed.

6. Don't buy any food or drink items at work. Usually, these end up being not the healthiest choices (recent purchases have included diet soda, Chex mix, and potato wedges) and they are expensive to boot. I have an emergency stash of soy nuts in my desk drawer, so there really is no need to purchase anything.
Report: Done, if you don't count Jimmy John's on Thursday. They were having $1 subs, and I love Jimmy John's. I'm OK with it.  I didn't get anything at work though, and I definitely want to try to continue that. 

7. Plaster and paint patch of wall in bathroom. It needs to be done. I have the tools, now the motivation.
Report: 50% done. It is plastered, and now needs to be painted. Small steps... 

8. Finish paperwork and forward check to new IRA fund.
Report: Only a little progress. I received the paperwork on Friday. I need to get my husband's signature notarized, which I probably could have done on Saturday, but didn't. I have until December to get this done, but the sooner the better.

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