Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bargains and Bursitis

First off, I have to share about these most excellent finds. 99 cents apiece!

On the left, we have a rather large container of brown rice. Tower 1 contains 2 packages of dry roasted almonds, and two  "Athlete's Assortment" trail mix (yellow and regular raisins, chocolate chips, and walnut halves). Tower 2 contains 2 more Athlete's Assortments, almonds, and dried cherries. Tower 3--more cherries, dried papaya, and a "Delight" mix with pumpkin seeds, raisins, sunflower seeds, and cashews. Finally Tower 4 with its 3 additional containers of AA and more almonds. All for just over $18! My husband especially likes the trail mixes for snacks at school. I like to sprinkle a handful of them onto my morning oatmeal sometimes. 

Onto my pesky hip--I "gave in" and went to see an orthopedic sports medicine doctor. Once I decided I was doing it (Thursday morning) I called and was able to get in that afternoon. 

They did two preliminary x-rays of my hip, both with me lying on my back. The first was with my knee bent up, and the second was with my knee bent but opened so that the outside of it almost rested on the table.

When I finally saw the doctor, he said that my x-rays looked normal. No bumpy bone spots anywhere. he then asked me some questions about the onset of the discomfort (7 months ago, after increasing my mileage) and the location. He asked me twice if I felt any discomfort in my groin area, but I told him it was all on the outside of my hip. He pulled on my legs and folded them from side to side a bit. Whenever he folded my right leg out, the hip would ache more. 

His diagnosis...bursitis. Inflammation of the hip bursa caused by repetitive use, perhaps aggravated by me wearing the wrong type of shoes for my foot type. He recommended an injection of a drug similar to cortisone to help reduce the inflammation. I was definitely game for that, and 10 minutes later I had my shot and was out of there.

My hip has hurt more in the past couple of days since then, which makes me think he probably hit the right area since the pain is very similar to what I've been experiencing, just worse. Today it has cleared up a lot. It is supposed to take 48-72 hours to fully kick in, so I should have a good idea by tomorrow if it is working or not.

I really hope this provides relief. Spring is here and I am itching to start training again. But I'll take it slow. With my new shoes and inserts, I feel like I'm learning to run again anyway.

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