Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workout Times for the 9-5 Crowd

I've been thinking lately about reasons to try to fit in morning workouts as opposed to the evening ones that I typically do on week days. I actually work 8-5(ish) pm, so my options during the week are working out before work, during my 1 hr lunch, or after work. Typically I go for after work, but I've been thinking about doing more mornings lately for the following reasons:

Hooray! It's morning!
  1. Psychological benefit. The biggest benefit I can think of is the mental boost from getting a workout done first thing. I could check something off the to-do list before 7 am! It's great to not have to worry about whether or not I'll be able to work out later. It's already done. 
  2. Energy boost. I feel that I generally have more energy during the workday on days with morning exercise. Part of it is mental--I know that when I go home that evening, I don't have to work out, I can just rest. Part of it definitely is physical though. I get a kick from working out that lasts for a while. Gotta love those endorphins.  
  3. Heat beating. During the summers here, it can get very hot and humid. I have usually sucked it up and just gone running in the evenings after work, since I much prefer to run outside than on a treadmill or track. However, the morning is definitely a cooler time than the evening to run.  
  4. Food planning.  It's easier to plan what to eat for the day when activity-related calorie burn has been mostly completed. I can budget fuel input more accurately when I can account for the bulk of the physical expenditure ahead of time. 
  5. More time with hubby.  He's not an early bird, so I have a better chance of hanging out with him in the evenings. 
  6. Ben Franklin says so. "Early to bed, early to rise makes for really good workouts" is the quote, I believe.
Despite these really awesome reasons to get up early and work out, there is a one very compelling reason not to--this thing called sleep. We'll see. As long as I keep getting training in, one way or another--that's the most important thing.

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