Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Pseudo Half Marathon

For Christmas, I received a Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch from my (generous) in-laws. I've been using an older Garmin model that wraps around my upper arm. I have really liked it, but it is somewhat uncomfortable and bulky, and so I'm really excited to have a GPS watch.

We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, so on Christmas day, I headed out for a run with my new toy. My goal was to run a half-marathon distance--mostly to remind myself that I could still do it, as my last run greater than 10 miles was a month ago (15 miler day after Thanksgiving).

I started out excited to go for a long run and try out the new GPS, but it ended up not being a great run. Here's the breakdown:

Pre-run--Half a chocolate bar, a banana, and green tea.
During run--green tea and a chocolate pudding and several Now & Later candies
Post-run--Apple, yogurt, strawberries, grapes, pretzels

The good:

  • New Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch 
  • Right hip was not hurting in the way it usually does after a few miles.
  • Sunny and 52 degrees! Broke out the shorts!
  • Plenty of new business podcasts to listen to.

The not-so-good:

  • Took a couple of miles to figure out the new watch.
  • Both hips were tight and slightly sore during most of the run.
  • Felt weak from miles 2-10
  • Had a little too much in my stomach before the run
  • A lot of the path was concrete, which is much harder on the knees than asphalt or dirt
  • Had to take a few short walking breaks due to hips and just being tired.

I think part of the issue might have been that green tea was not a great choice of beverage. I thought a little caffeine would give me a kick, but water may have been the better choice for during the run.

This has also been my highest mileage week yet at 31 miles after this run. Most of my weekly mileage has been in the 20-25 mile range, so the extra distance may have something to do with why I felt so weak and sluggish during this 13 miler. Hopefully my body will eventually adapt to higher mileage weeks.

All in all, not a good run in terms of performance or how it felt, but I a glad that I got a workout in and got to enjoy the Christmas sun (one of the perks of winters in the south!).