Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"I've got my new shoes on..."

My new running shoes arrived from Amazon yesterday, and I started the breaking-in process this morning with a 5 mile run, during which they were christened with a fresh coat of good old Kentucky mud. Good thing I didn't get white shoes.

These are my second pair of Saucony running shoes. I've had my first pair since March of this year, and they are fantastic--probably the best shoe I have had. Plenty of cushioning which is important for me. They also hold up well near the Achilles tendon area which is where I typically wear my shoes out quickly. We'll see how this new pair holds up, but I might have found the brand of shoe for me. 

I like to break new shoes in by wearing them around the house and out-and-about for a while, and then swapping them in for my old shoes at a rate of increasing frequency for regular runs. I have a 15 miler planned for Friday that I will be using my old shoes for.

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